Laura Haley-McNeil

1/10/21, January Wishes for Clean Romance

January Wishes

Click this link for January Wishes for Clean Romance.  During this chilly  month, we long for summer, but this link promises to thaw that chill.

Wishing for Summer

Don’t let January be its typical brutal self because whiling away the hours with a warm, sweet romance in your hands brings enjoyment and pleasure. Follow that dashing hero as he pursues the woman of his dreams, though he may not know it yet. Realization adds to the fun of watching that hero figure out how to keep that fascinating woman in his life.

January Wishes for Clean Romance

This month, we all wish for summer, for sandy beaches, turquoise seas and lazing away the hours in the sun. And when that muscular form rises form the sea, water streaming from his muscled physique, and shakes the water beads from his hair, you might feel your pulse rise a notch. Plan to spend your afternoon with this hero, but don’t forget the cocoa which can be almost as comforting as those toned arms drawing you close.

Always Christmas in Sweet Romance

My contribution for this collection includes The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift, Book 1 in the Christmas Billionaire Series. If you’re a member of KindleUnlimted, guess what? That option includes a great deal for voracious readers, or for a steal, download this book for 99¢.

My Prayer for You

Is your new year off to a good start?  Please know that no matter what you’re going through, my prayers include you and your loved ones. Be safe and well.

Many blessings for you always!