Laura Haley-McNeil

10/14/18, Arabian Horses

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend and can sit back and relax. Who doesn’t love weekends? Growing up, we would spend the weekends horseback riding, one of my favorite pastimes because we would ride along the canal near our family home or in the mountains. Even as an adult, I’m horse crazy, and I’m especially crazy about Arabian horses. If you are as horse crazy as I am, you’ll understand why I’m so in love with these horses.

Even though I’ve been around horses most of my life, we had quarter horses and only rode them for pleasure, unlike many of my friends who were involved in the circuit and shows. Then I dated someone who raised and showed Arabian horses. Though he’s long gone, through him, I learned about Arabian horses and fell in love with these beautiful creatures. They’re wonderfully made with their sculpted heads and powerful bodies. It’s hard to believe they were bred to endure deserts. They seem too delicate, but they’re hardy, and they’re intelligent.

In my book, Imagine the Kiss, the Crystal Creek Ranch raises and shows Arabian horses. When Teagan Whitloch Munroe returns to Crystal Creek to recover from her disastrous marriage, the first thing she does is saddle her horse, Champagne, and ride through the woods. Though she’s traveled the world over and as a violinist has performed with world-famous orchestras, her favorite place to be is riding her horse on the Crystal Creek Ranch.

While riding, she encounters a hiker with a deep rich voice, but he refuses to reveal himself. Whatever secret he’s hiding, she’s determined to discover it.

Do you have a secret place that you go to when you want to get away from it all? Please share. I’d love to hear about it. I’ll always love the mountains. There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing the trees, hearing the birds, and watching a creek trip over stones as it winds its way through the forest.

I hope you have a wonderful week filled with many wonderful things and blessings!