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10/25/22, The Billionaire’s Christmas Engagement is LIVE Today!

What's under your tree?

The Billionaire’s Christmas Engagement is live today! Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance! It’s a great start to the holiday season.

When a door closes …

Madison knows the perfect to nurse her broken heart. Oliver throws himself into his business to forget his soulmate. Throw in a little Christmas and a tropical island and the spirit of the season can open the door to all sorts of possibilities.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Engagement is LIVE Today!

Curious about Curious about The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract? Scroll down and meet Leah and Bryg and their very special friends.

Can an end be a beginning?

His loss made him a recluse. To protect her heart, she can no longer trust. Will they let the past steal their future, or will they risk their hearts in the season that promises everlasting love?

After a recent breakup, Madison Grant accepts that her most attractive asset is her family name. Despite her broken heart, she flies to the Caribbean to be maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding and determined to have a good time.

Forget the past

After the loss of his fiancée, Oliver Smith closes himself off from family and friends and focuses on his company. When his best friend asks him to be best man at his wedding, Oliver can’t say no though he struggles with the reminder of the wedding he and his late fiancée had planned.

As the wedding festivities get underway, Madison and Oliver find themselves drawn into joy of the celebration. When they find themselves drawn to each other, the shock of the attraction make them take a step back.

Love is an emotion no one can fight. Will they realize that the past can only promise heartache, or will they give the future a chance and open their hearts to love?

A sweet, feel-good romance filled with emotion. Celebrate the season and download your copy now.

This Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Christmas Engagement Will Pull You In

Chapter One

Madison Grant lifted her gaze from the romance novel she’d been reading. She looked out the airplane window to the Caribbean Sea⸻to crystal blue waves lapping the pristine shores of Vermeil Island. Never was there a more beautiful place to celebrate a wedding. She let out her breath softly. Maybe one day she’d celebrate her own wedding in this tranquil locale. As of last Saturday, that dream seemed further away than ever.

She had dated Todd for a year and believed him when he talked about their future. Her dreams of a simple wedding to the man she loved ended when she learned the reason Todd wanted to marry her. It was the same reason other men had wanted to marry her. Despite changing her name from Madison Edwards to Madison Grant, the internet made it easy to find out she was the estranged daughter of billionaire Phil Edwards.

Man’s plans or God’s plans

After a whirlwind courtship, Madison had expected her Christmas gift to be a proposal and an engagement ring―until she told Todd she wouldn’t ask her father for the money he wanted to invest in the latest digital currency. That was when Todd suggested they should see other people. Sadly, she agreed, though she had no idea whom she would see. There was no other man in her life.

Despite the breakup, she wouldn’t let her disappointment keep her from spending a relaxing weekend on this beautiful island. And it wouldn’t keep her from being happy that her friend, Shelly, would marry Brian, the man of her dreams.

At least Madison wouldn’t see Todd this weekend. He had told Shelly he wouldn’t come to the wedding. Madison breathed a sigh of relief. Now, she could relax and help Shelly and Brian celebrate their life together in style.

The flight attendant’s voice announced they would soon land and wished the passengers a pleasant stay on the island. Madison smiled. This weekend she would have the time of her life.

The man sitting next to her stirred in his seat and opened one eye⸻a beautiful eye that was the color of the Caribbean Sea. He opened his other eye.

Madison caught her breath. They had chatted briefly when he’d taken the seat next to hers. He had introduced himself as Oliver, and he seemed nice enough, but shortly after takeoff, he’d fallen asleep. It was just as well. She wouldn’t have been that great of a conversationalist anyway.

“Hello, sleepyhead.” Madison smiled at him.

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