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10/26/21, The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract is LIVE Today!

It happened one Christmas ...

The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract is live today! Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance!

It happened one Christmas …

The nightmare that Dillon can never forget drives him from the corporate world to the laid back beach house on Lowrie Banks, but he soon discovers he’s not alone. His get-away-from-it-all escape draws him to feisty Tessa whose far too fascinating for him to ever forget. Welcome to the idyllic Outer Banks and the easy-going residents of the quaint little town that will capture your hearts and leave you rooting for more.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract

Curious about Curious about The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract? Scroll down and meet Leah and Bryg and their very special friends.

The best gifts aren’t always under the Christmas tree.

A broken engagement sends Leah Rendell home to Mardale, Colorado, where the stability of family and friends keeps her balanced.

Until billionaire Bryg Winslow blows into town with promises to revitalize the aging farming community, something that even captures Leah’s parents’ attention.

Change the town where Leah grew up? She can’t bear the thought of this golden boy’s guarantees altering her safe haven. Determined to fight him every step of the way, she draws the battle lines, but what she really needs is a fortress around her heart because this fascinating man is coming dangerously close to making her believe she can trust again.

The perfect holiday read with passion and laughter. Are you ready to make Christmas cheery and bright? Grab your copy now.

This Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract Will Pull You In

Chapter One

Leah Rendell parked her parents’ van filled with four teenage boys in front of the Mardale, Colorado, secondhand store. On this Friday after Thanksgiving Day, she should’ve been overjoyed to start preparing for the Christmas season. Instead, she felt numb inside.

She gripped the steering wheel and took a deep breath. She wouldn’t let her broken engagement spoil the holiday celebrations.

“Hey, guys, let’s do some shopping, and remember, we’re buying clothes you can wear to church.” Forcing a smile, Leah looked over the back of her seat into the dark eyes of the foster boys her parents were raising on their ranch. Taking the boys shopping was the distraction she needed from the last few months when she juggled wedding planner appointments with the English literature classes she taught at an east coast college.

Those wedding plans crumbled to dust that last day of class when she walked into her fiancé’s law office and realized Charlie was doing more than preparing court cases with his assistant.

Shell-shocked, wounded, and unable to speak, Leah could only stare at the blanching couple. Then she did the only thing she had the strength to do―she pulled off her engagement ring, set it on Charlie’s bookcase and stepped into the paneled hallway.

Now Leah sat in the van and swallowed the emotion welling in her throat. The boys shifted in their seats and stared out the van’s windows, clearly eager to stretch their legs and explore a town smaller than their inner-city neighborhoods.


Except Zeke. The distrust in the eyes of the boy who had arrived at the Rendell Ranch for Boys last night showed he was plotting his escape to the Denver neighborhood he’d called home until his mother disappeared.

“We’re going into Tara’s shop,” Leah said, her voice steadier than she felt. “You can pick out a shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of shoes, then we’ll head over to Danielle’s bakeshop for a treat. Deal?” She pressed the button that opened the van’s doors.

Frankie, Harry, and Carl cheered and tumbled out of the van.

“Yippee,” Zeke said, his voice flat. He stepped out of the van and into a puddle.

Water sprayed back into the van, over the curb and against a powerfully built man striding down the sidewalk, a cell phone pressed to his ear. The man froze, his gaze dropping to the pants and tweed jacket now dripping with muddy water.

I’m so excited to share The Billionaire’s Christmas Contract with you. Click the link and start reading this sweet romance today!

Be safe and blessed!