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10/29/23, Kindle Unlimited Sweet Romance

Kindle Unlimited Sweet Romance

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Fall is for Binge-Reading

As the days shorten, we spend more time indoors. Beat cabin fever, so you can crack open these books and curl up with your hot cup of cocoa. You can never have enough sweet romance, and here’s proof.

Kindle Unlimited Sweet Romance

If you’re an avid reader and don’t know about kindle unlimited, it’s time you learn. This subscription provides unlimited reading for less than ten dollars a month.  That’s a deal! If that interests you, head on over to Amazon and subscribe. Don’t worry about what to read next, because the books in this promotion give you a great idea. Click the link and get busy.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift

I’ve written three series that are clean romance. When I had the idea to write a Christmas billionaire series, I couldn’t wait to start. As a fan of fairytales, I had my prince, a billionaire. Throw in a little Christmas magic and what could be better than falling in love during this special holiday?

Start off this series with The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift and the boardroom battle between Quint and Chrystelle. As head of Fairchild Studios, Quint’s always on the lookout for the fresh script that draws in the audience. Chrystelle has what it takes. If she’d listen to him, her script would be perfect. But she has her own ideas and that includes doubting she has a future in writing.

Walk out on Quint? He won’t let that happen. As to why he doesn’t have that answer yet.

My Thoughts Turn Toward You

Although I write escapist literature, my thoughts turn continually to those in need. Please know that you remain in my prayers as I petition our Lord to bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe and secure in the palm of his hand.

God bless and be safe.



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