Laura Haley-McNeil

10/22/17, The Casting Couch

Hello, Everyone!

The days are zipping by and we’re almost at the end of October. I hope you’re enjoying your fall weather whether it’s because the heat has finally subsided and you can step outside without running for air conditioning cover, or you’re enjoy mild weather because the snow hasn’t arrived yet, which is happening in my part of the world. We had a snowstorm a few weeks ago, but as is so typical of Colorado, the weather segued into an Indian summer. My husband and I actually spent a day hiking. We just couldn’t stay indoors any longer.

With all that’s going on in the world, most of which is devastating, one story has kept me glued to the internet – the Harvey Weinstein story. No doubt the deeds he committed were atrocious, but what amazed me was the way the Hollywood community treated him after he fully confessed to the acts referenced by his accusers. All the details discussed on the websites make me ask myself, “Is this real?” I’m a huge fan of romantic suspense and already my mind is creating stories based on this report. First of all, I can’t believe he’s the only one who’s committed these deeds. What man could resist all these women desperate for a chance at stardom? They’re young, they’re beautiful, they’re naïve – a perfect opportunity for powerful men to exploit them. But my next question is how did this powerful man become a pariah overnight? He had the golden touch. Every movie he produced made millions. Everyone wanted to be his friend and wanted to be associated with his projects. He gave millions to political figures, which they accepted, until these reports were released, then every politician denounced him and many returned the donations. Hollywood figures denounced him. Another company has offered to buy out his companies. He’s been removed from the board of directors of the company bearing his name. His wife left him. He’s in rehab. He hired an attorney who’s known for representing victimized women. Did he hire her to prevent her from representing his accusers? I didn’t reach that conclusion-it was stated by another columnist. He and his brother, also a Hollywood powerhouse, haven’t spoken in years. All the subplots for this scandal are numerous and intertwined.

I have no answer as to why he fell so quickly from his pedestal but I did read a comment that Hollywood doesn’t need him anymore. Does that mean that if none of his accusers had come forward that he’d still be yielding power? Does that mean that others who have equal power will move into the void his removal created?

There’s something intriguing about the mighty falling. Many books have been written about it, and many people want to read about it. Just because someone has achieved success doesn’t mean he or she will maintain it. I’m sure scripts and books were being written before the ink on the first report describing this scandal had dried. I’ll be interested to see what these writers produce. There’s plenty of material available.

In the meantime, there’re plenty of other books to read. I keep adding them to my e-reader. The problem is finding the time to read them.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and enjoying beautiful weather, or enjoying my favorite past time of curling up in your favorite chair with a good book. Have a wonderful week!