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11/22/22, The Billionaire’s Christmas Date is LIVE Today!

The Billionaire's Christmas Date

The Billionaire’s Christmas Date is live today! Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance! It’s a great start to the holiday season.

The engagement party Alia wanted to miss

Christmas means shopping and baking and getting together with friends and family, but what if attending the family means everyone will feel sorry for you?

The Billionaire’s Christmas Date is LIVE Today!

Curious about Curious about The Billionaire’s Christmas Date? Scroll down and meet Alia and Dru and their very special friends.

Alia wants to be with her family for Christmas, but she has a teensy problem.

Sometimes, even those you love the most can be oblivious to what you really need.

Meet Alia and Dru

She needs a date. He wants to take over her company. Will the sparks flying between them ignite a furnace, or can they relinquish their rivalry to let the spirit of the season guide them along the path to love?

Alia Nash agrees to take a Christmas vacation to visit her family, but when she learns her sister will celebrate her engagement to Alia’s ex-boyfriend, she needs a plan. Because her company auditions actors for commercials, she has the perfect plan—audition a boyfriend.

Hollywood producer Dru Kassandros knows that startup production company in New York has the technology he needs for his new sci-fi feature but getting the owner to make a deal proves more difficult than working with pampered movie stars. His solution? A face-to-face meeting. When he learns of Alia’s desperation, he agrees to be her holiday boyfriend, but for a price.

The ruse can work if Alia and Dru can resist these unfamiliar emotions, or will they accept the promise of the priceless gift of love?

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On a December morning, Alia Nash stood in line at a New York coffee shop. Her phone’s ringtone sounded her favorite Christmas carol, and she juggled her shopping bag filled with Christmas presents to pull her phone out of her purse. The name pulsing on the screen like a heartbeat was Brenda’s—Alia’s assistant.

“Hey, Bren.” Alia clutched the phone to her ear and moved one step closer to the pastry case. “I’m almost there.” She looked at the line in front of her and counted the customers waiting for their orders. “Just four people ahead of me, and then I can pick up our order.”

“I hope so.” Brenda’s voice had a catch that made Alia stiffen. “This is the third call I’ve received from that business broker. His client is very interested in the buy-in you offered and wants to finalize a deal today.”

“I told him I couldn’t discuss the specifics until after the new year.” She had to think fast. Granted, she’d mentioned she might be interested in a business partner. Now business was picking up. She didn’t want a partner if she didn’t need one. “Stall him. Tell him I have a family thing, and I can’t change my plans.”

The Billionaire’s Christmas Date is LIVE Today!

“I did tell him that.” Brenda exhaled heavily. “He said it wouldn’t take long.”

The person standing behind Alia tapped her shoulder, and she looked up to see the smiling barista waiting for her.

“I’m getting our order now.” Alia stepped to the counter. “Hang on. I’ll be there in five, and then we can figure out a game plan.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him … I don’t know what I’ll tell him, but hurry. He’s really pushy. ’Bye.” Brenda hung up.

Alia stood at the counter and waved her phone over the scanner to pay for her order. She juggled the tray the barista handed her, then stepped out of line. Her phone rang again. Rushing toward the door, she looked from the cardboard box holding eight cups of coffee and a pastry bag filled with croissants and muffins to her vibrating purse.

Something solid struck her shoulder with a powerful thud and spun her around. She gasped and juggled the coffee cups that tipped toward the floor, then tipped toward her.

Strong hands clasped her shoulder. She swallowed at the rush of warmth that scooped air from her lungs. Her phone stopped ringing, and she winced. She didn’t want to miss any business deals.

“Are you all right?” The deep, accented voice brought her head up to a pair of emerald green eyes.

Just in time for Thanksgiving

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