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11/23/21, The Billionaire’s Christmas Promise is LIVE today!

Live Today!

The Billionaire’s Christmas Promise is live today! I’m so excited to share this latest book in the Christmas Billionaire Series and can’t wait for you to read it. Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance now!

What’s in store for Christmas?

A childhood accident disfigures Felicity for life, and she learns her dreams of marriage and children will remain that–dreams, but this Christmas she doesn’t just meet a fascinating billionaire. She meets his adorable daughter and is soon caught up in a Christmas filled with miracles

The Billionaire’s Christmas Promise

Curious about The Billionaire’s Christmas Promise? Scroll down and meet Leah and Bryg and their very special friends.

A reclusive billionaire.
A woman scarred for life.
The child they both love.

When a plane crash takes the life of Alexander Ross’ ex-wife, he gains full custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Poppy, but he’s at a loss as to how to fit her into his life of corporate mergers and acquisitions. The solution? Hire a nanny to look after Poppy until after the holidays when she’ll be enrolled in boarding school.

Felicity Holden can’t remember her life before the accident that scars her face forever. Knowing this unsightly flaw stands in her way of marriage and having a family, she accepts her role as a nanny and devotes herself to other people’s children.

What begins as a job turns into Felicity’s passion to help Alexander understand the greatest gift he has is his daughter. At the risk of losing her heart, she works to create a bond between this business magnate and his daughter, knowing that after the holidays she’ll lose them both. What she and Alexander never expected was the spirit of Christmas touching hearts and opening eyes to a future that exceeded their wildest dreams.

A holiday read filled with passion and laughter. Start your holidays with a romance that will grab your heart from the very first page. Click the link and download your copy now.


Now, let me introduce you to Alexander, Felicity, and Poppy.

 Chapter One

Felicity Holden’s stomach churned when the helicopter landed on the yacht’s helipad. The blades slowed, and she peered through the cockpit to a powerfully built man standing in front of the bridge.
Alexander Ross.

She’d worked for the rich before. As a nanny, only the rich could afford her. She’d just never worked for anyone as rich as Alexander Ross.

And she never expected Alexander to be the greeting committee, but then she couldn’t blame him. Though she and Alexander had several teleconferences, he’d still want to know the nanny who would take charge of his nine-year-old daughter, Poppy.

Without thinking, Felicity touched her fingers to the ragged scar that covered her left cheek, a reminder of the storm that had killed her father. It happened so long ago, Felicity couldn’t remember what she had looked like without it.

Alexander would have noticed the scar during their teleconferences, but he never discussed it. The agency probably told him about the accident and the scar that marred her for life.
Still, Alexander had hired her. Had he warned his daughter? Felicity prayed the scar didn’t frighten the child.

The breeze from the helicopter caught Alexander’s dark curls, tossed them across his forehead and rippled the fabric of his open collar shirt. Felicity’s breath caught in her throat. During their teleconference, she was struck by his chiseled features that looked as if they’d been carved by a master sculptor, but the tiny screen on her laptop and the pictures of him she’d seen on the internet didn’t prepare her for perfection.

As they spoke, his relaxed manner had put her at ease. She was relieved one of the richest men in the world had a sense of humor.

Does Felicity Need Luck?

The helicopter’s propeller stopped, and the pilot pressed a lever that freed her from the safety straps.

“Welcome to the Carpe Diem,” he said with a crooked grin.

“Thank you.” She smiled at the older man. “And thanks for the ride.”

“My pleasure,” he said, then lifted a brow. “Good luck.”

That made her heart still. Would she need luck? Her mind whirled with the doubts she’d felt since the agency had informed her she’d been hired temporarily. Now she wished she’d done more research on the man who stood beneath the overhang and never took his eyes off the cockpit.

“Thanks,” she murmured.

A young man ducked beneath the blades and rushed to the helicopter. The pilot pressed another lever and the cockpit door glided open.

“Miss Holden, how do you do?” The young man spoke stilted English. He smiled broadly and made a slight bow, which eased the tension building in her chest. “I am Tom, your purser. I hope you had a pleasant flight.” He offered Felicity his hand and helped her from the cockpit.

And Then There’s Alexander Ross

“It’s nice to meet you, Tom, and, yes, the flight was very nice.” She stepped to the helipad, into a comfortable temperature so unlike the December weather in Smoke Springs, Pennsylvania, and noticed the boat didn’t rock. With the waves lapping against the hull, she expected it to shift, but Alexander Ross would have enough money to make sure the yacht remained steady.

“Good,” Tom said. “Mr. Ross wants you to get settled, then he’ll meet you in his office.”

“Mr. Ross doesn’t want to meet with me now?” That she had to wait surprised her. “He’s right over—” She glanced to the bridge, to the space where Alexander had stood—a space that still pulsed with his presence.

“He’ll meet with you in one hour,” Tom said simply.

“Then I’ll be ready in one hour.” Probably sooner. A Ross Enterprises jet had flown her from Philadelphia to Rome where she was transferred to the helicopter, so she was well rested.

Vaguely, she was aware of two crew members removing her suitcase from the helicopter’s rear hatch. She hadn’t brought much. Because the job was temporary, she wasn’t sure how long she’d stay.

Fit for the Queen of England

“I’ll just get my luggage.” She started to turn away.

“Don’t worry about that.” Tom offered her a reassuring smile. “It will be delivered to your stateroom. If you’ll follow me.” Tom led the way across the deck and down a wide passageway that belonged in a mansion, not on a boat. After several turns, he stopped at a door, pushed it open, and stepped back.

“I’m never going to find my way around this place,” she murmured.

“It’s big, but you’ll learn.” Tom gave her a reassuring smile. “And this is your stateroom.”

Felicity’s mouth fell open when she stepped into the suite. A well-lit room with hints of blue and beige spread before her. A bank of windows covered one wall and looked over the gently rolling waves. Through an opening, a four-poster bed sat in another large room.

“This is my room?” She could barely speak. She stepped into the sitting area and turned slowly.
“Your stateroom.” Tom looked serious. “I hope it meets your expectations.”

“This room would meet the Queen of England’s expectations,” she whispered, then looked at Tom. “It’s lovely.”

This will be a Short Stay

“I’m glad you like it.”

A crew member knocked on the open door, then wheeled her suitcase into the sitting room. He nodded and left.

“Only one suitcase?” Tom gave Felicity a quizzical look.

“That’s all I need.” She felt sheepish and wondered if Poppy’s previous nannies had brought extensive wardrobes.

“One is fine. You probably won’t even need this one.” Tom pulled her suitcase through the bedroom and into a room lined with wooden drawers.

Shoes filled rows of shelves and clothes from simple dresses, slacks, and tops to beaded gowns hung on the wardrobe racks—a wardrobe so extensive, Felicity’s mouth fell open.

The Smart Yacht

“Your attendant will see to your luggage, but this wardrobe is for you so feel free to change.” Tom stepped to a panel of buttons. “If you’ll give me your cell phone, I’ll program it so you’ll be connected to our communication system. I’ll also download an app that will contain all your travel documents for when we pass through customs. If you need anything, you have only to press the yacht’s app, and I or my assistant will respond immediately.”

“Thank you, Tom.” She handed him the phone. While he tapped the screen, she walked around the room with its plush furnishings, modern art, and incredible views.

“Here you are, Miss Holden.” Tom gave her the phone.

“I hope you’ll call me Felicity.” Her eyes widened at his formality.

He smiled and nodded, and she had a feeling it would be Miss Holden for as long as she stayed on the yacht.

“Will an hour be enough time for you to freshen up?” Tom asked.

“More than enough.” She laughed softly.

“Good, I shall return in one hour.” He gave a slight nod and left.

Felicity exhaled slowly. What would she do to freshen up? Because of the scar, she didn’t wear makeup. It irritated her skin and wouldn’t conceal the scar anyway. Her unmanageable hair was best worn in a bun. Though Tom had said the clothes in the closet were for her, they weren’t hers. For now, she’d wear her own clothes.

She stepped into the bathroom. Gold accents surrounded the mirror and fixtures. She gasped at the sunken bathtub, which looked more like a pool.

Don’t go Overboard

At the vanity, Felicity splashed water on her face and tucked the loose strands into the bun she’d anchored to the back of her head that morning. She checked her watch. That took five minutes. Now what to do for the rest of the hour.

The room next to the bedroom contained a kitchen. The doorway on the other side led to a dining room with seating for six⸻nice if she planned to entertain. She looked out the windows, at the waves that rose and fell.

She pulled open the door and stepped to the deck. A breeze caressed her face and tugged at the hair she’d so carefully arranged. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply the fresh scent of the ocean air. She wouldn’t worry about her hair. She’d have time to restyle it before Tom returned.
Stepping to the rail, she stared down at the crystal blue water. It caught the sun’s rays and sparkled like diamonds. No wonder Alexander liked living on a yacht. Though he was probably too busy to enjoy the view, the gentle lapping of the waves would soothe the most agitated souls.

“I see you’ve found your freedom.” The deep British accent broke through Felicity’s thoughts.
She gave a soft gasp. Whirling about, she stared into the hot blue gaze of Alexander Ross. Her feet tangled, she tipped to the rail.

It’s in His Touch

Alexander wrapped sinewy fingers around her arm―a heated touch that was powerful and tender and scooped air from her lungs.

“Careful there,” he said with a slight smile, though concern reflected in his eyes. “You don’t want to spend your first day here treading water with the sharks.”

Her breath caught, and she glanced at the undulating waves gently lapping the yacht’s sides. The water looked calm and peaceful, not like it hid some predatory creature. “Sharks?” Her mouth dried.

“A few,” he said calmly. “Because the Mediterranean is enclosed, they don’t find it that inviting, as they prefer open water.”
“Good to know.” She swallowed the fear climbing up her throat.

“You’re okay?” He lifted a brow at her.

“Yes. Fine.” Or she would be when her heart quit thrashing against her ribcage.

He studied her a moment, then slowly slid his hand from her arm.

She tightened her jaw against the cool air that swept away his warmth.

“Miss Holden.” His smile warm, he tipped his chin in a slight nod. He looked at her as if a scar didn’t cover her cheek―as if she looked like any other woman. “It’s nice to meet you in person.”