Laura Haley-McNeil

3/19/24, Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 7-9

Crystal Creek Boxed Set is LIVE Today!

The Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 7-9 is live today! Click the link to download the continuation of the lives and loves and adventure of the Whitlochs of Crystal Creek! These are great mystery romances for you to grab while you say goodbye to winter and welcome spring if you’re in my part of the world.

Meet the Whitlochs

Anna, Charisse and JT being their adventures to solve the mysteries of the ranch, but are they ready for love? It’s there and waiting for them.

Will Anna enter a loveless marriage to save her mother’s estate, or can Rocco rescue the woman he never stopped loving?

Will Charisse discover the secret Trent doesn’t want anyone to know, but as she digs deeper, who’s trying to silence her and who’s tyring to save her?

Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 7-9

Curious about the Whitlochs of Crystal Creek? Scroll down and begin the adventure with Anna and Rocco.

Welcome to Crystal Creek where the women are strong, and powerful men will do anything to protect the women they love.

Imagine the Kiss

Two people open themselves to the truth and open themselves to each other.

Her marriage in ruins, violinist Teagan Whitloch Munroe escapes into her music and the solace she finds at the Crystal Creek Ranch. Practicing in the woods helps her piece together her life, but she isn’t alone. When she hears someone hiking nearby, she demands he reveal himself, but the only revelation she gets is a soothing voice that heals the pain in her heart.

Maimed by a crushing accident, the once famous architect Phineas St. Cyr protects the world from his disfigurement by sequestering himself in the woods on the Crystal Creek Ranch. When he hears the intoxicating strains from Teagan’s violin, he can’t resist the beauty that quiets his aching soul, and he yearns to know the woman who creates such beauty.

Teagan finds sanctuary with Phin, but realizes he hides more than his scars. They are caught in a web of deceit by someone threatening to reveal Phin’s secrets. He must face the enemy determined to defeat him. He’ll fight to the finish to protect the woman he can never love.

Never Kiss Goodbye

A cowboy haunted by his past. A woman stalked by a deadly secret. Will helping her deliver him from his nightmare, or will her secret tear them apart forever?

Pregnant and on the run, Lily Harkin will do anything to protect her unborn child, but no one can know her secret – a secret so horrific it could destroy her and anyone she meets.

Bronc rider Josh Merrick can’t forget the mistake that cost a woman her life. When he finds a frightened, pregnant woman hiding in an abandoned horse trailer, he doesn’t just want to shield her. He sees this as his chance to right the wrong that haunts him day and night.

Josh can’t fight the love he feels for this sweet and gentle woman but realizes her dark past isn’t far behind. In one terrifying moment, they face a danger that not only reveals a chilling truth but pulls them into a battle for their lives and a fight against an enemy whose hold on them comes at a price they’d never imagined.

Whisper a Kiss

He broke a promise to save her life. Her shattered heart will never let her trust. Will a stalker force her into the arms of the man who abandoned her or will her dead father’s secret tear them apart forever?

Hunter Whitloch’s Wall Street career is on the fast track until he learns about his boss’, Egon Gregory, underhanded dealings. Hunter’s and Egon’s confrontation means Hunter must turn a blind eye or return to Crystal Creek and walk away from a lucrative career and the only woman he’s ever loved—Egon’s daughter, Bryce. Hunter won’t let Bryce make a choice between him and her father, so he makes that choice for her and leaves.

He walked out of her life

Bryce watched Hunter walk out of her life and never expected to see him again—until he shows up at her father’s funeral. The mystery deepens when Bryce learns her father asked Hunter to return to New York—the night her father died. The authorities have ruled Egon’s death a suicide but attempts on Bryce’s life unearth more questions than answers—namely who can she trust? The man who abandoned her a year ago, or her father’s right-hand man who wants to seize control of her company?

After Egon’s funeral Hunter has to return to Crystal Creek, but he won’t leave Bryce as bait to someone who wants her dead. But Crystal Creek isn’t the haven he expected. Soon he and Bryce race against the clock to find out what secret died with Egon. Once they know, can they endure the pain that has them fighting to protect their lives and their hearts?

If you like clean, swoon worthy romance with lots of spine-tingling suspense, you’ll love the Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 7-9 by Laura Haley-McNeil.

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Crystal Creek Boxed Set Books 7-9 is live today!