Laura Haley-McNeil

3/21/21, Clean & Sweet Romantic Mystery & Suspense

Clean and Sweet Romance

For those of you who like Clean & Sweet Romantic Mystery & Suspense, click the link and enjoy romance with a side of suspense. Spend a thrilling afternoon with a powerfully built hero and feisty heroine.

Sparks Fly

Nothing can keep you turning those pages faster than romance, especially when the romance hinges on conflict but demands a mystery be solved. When two opposites are thrown together, they know they’ll receive their reward when the crime is solved, and they can escape this person who has upended their life. And when they have a chance to walk away? Turn the page and find out what happens.

Clean & Sweet Romantic Mystery & Suspense

Romance and suspense make the perfect combination. Nothing like getting two stories in one. The mystery has to be solved, but once that happens, the lingering question remains. When will he see her again? Letting her walk out of his life leaves a hole in his heart so big, he’ll never let her go.

Crystal Creek

I can’t resist romantic suspense whether I’m reading it or writing it. And when the conflict grips me, I can’t turn the pages quickly enough. Combine that with western romance, and I’ve gone to heaven.

When I wrote, Never Kiss Goodbye, the characters Josh and Lilly delighted me. Pregnant and on the run, Lily cares about one thing―protecting her unborn child. Josh can’t forget the mistake he made that cost a woman her life. He thought he’d put the past behind him, but when he discovers Lily hiding in a trailer, he finds a chance to redeem his haunting past.

Welcome Spring

After this long, cold winter, we’ve turned a corner and have welcomed spring. I hope you’re enjoying sunshine and warm weather wherever you are.

Blessings and prayers for safety for you and your loved ones!