Laura Haley-McNeil

3/7/21, Sweet Romance for March

Love in the air

Click this link and celebrate spring with sweet romance for March!  Hang on, Everyone! Winter will soon wave goodbye giving us a reason to welcome great weather and sweet romance.

Enjoy Great Weather

I love the snow and the fun it brings with skiing and sledding and building snowmen. The cold melts away when we can sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of cocoa. Never fear. Winter ends soon, and to help you celebrate another spring, click the link and download these sweet romances.

Sweet Romance for March

Open up those windows, and let the fresh air into your home. Take long walks, but remember to sit in your comfy chair and enjoy these sweet romances. Let these powerfully built heroes and feisty heroines into your heart. Some try to fight the feeling, but when love knocks on the door, they can’t deny themselves what their hearts welcome.

Spring means love, so celebrate the season with these sweet romances.

Crystal Creek

Two years have passed since I’ve visited the Crystal Creek Ranch owned by the Whitlochs. This year, Never Kiss Goodbye reveals the love story belonging to Josh and Lily.

Pregnant and on the run, Lily must protect her life and focus on the future of her unborn child. Haunted by his past, Josh hopes helping Lily will give him peace. What happens when two damaged souls seeking redemption collide in the most unexpected way?

Read this sweet romance of love, forgiveness and redemption today!

How are you doing?

Are you doing well? Are you keeping safe? My prayers are with you as we navigate another year. I pray God’s blessings in the lives of you and your loved ones.

Be safe and well.