Laura Haley-McNeil

3/12/17, Sister Time

3/12/17, Sister Time

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful week and maybe even enjoyed some mild weather in your part of the world. We had a sunny weekend and I even spent a few days skiing, which is something I always enjoy in the spring. Now that daylight saving time has started, the afternoons are longer and with the sun shining, it accentuates the definition of the slopes and helps me to see the moguls a little better. I like skiing the bumps though I’m not very good. When I ski, I always want to feel like I’ve pushed myself by the end of the day. I like it when I’ve worked so hard that I fall into bed and sleep a dreamless sleep until morning. That’s my confirmation that I accomplished something on the slopes that day.

Of course, the best time is when I ski with one, or all, of my sisters. I have four. We like to stay at the slopes with just ourselves – no family – and we always stock up on the foods we like to eat. We make nachos and pop popcorn. I’m also a big fan of cheese and crackers. My sisters like to drink wine so we’ll have a boxed wine, red or white. I prefer Kahlua and skim milk. I have to feel as if I’m watching my weight at least a little bit. And then we sit in front of the fireplace and gossip or watch a movie or play a game.

This weekend I spend it with one of my sisters. We skied two days in a row, a record for me. I usually need a day to recover. We skied for several hours then sat in the lodge and listened to the local band play some tunes. The skiers can get pretty rowdy, so we sit on the edge and watch them. It’s always good for me because I love to people watch and collect ideas for a book.

When we returned to the condo, we were too tired to fix dinner so we pulled out some crackers and cheese and nuts, built a fire in the fireplace and talked. My sister’s daughter is expecting her second child any day now so that has been a major topic. I had crocheted a baby afghan for my niece and gave it to her last month when we celebrated her son’s second birthday.

Then my sister and I talked about getting old. I know that sounds depressing, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to stave off the wrinkles. A friend of mine is an esthetician and she had talked me into undergoing a microneedling procedure. If you haven’t undergone this procedure, watch a video of it on It looks scary and it’s not the most comfortable procedure. Even with numbing, it hurts. I won’t do that again. My friend does it to herself and she looks fabulous. She easily looks twenty years younger than her age. It’s that amazing, but again, it’s painful. Unless you have a high tolerance for pain, I wouldn’t recommend it. I thought I had a high tolerance, because I use an epilator – again watch a video to see how to do this. I’ve been doing it for years and have built up a tolerance to it, but this microneedling is a different story. Maybe because of the needles it makes it seem scarier. My sister was recently divorced and is dating again. Although I have always thought she was beautiful, she’s concerned about her looks and wants to look attractive. That’s always a fun project for me. I love to fix myself up and when someone asks for my advice I’m happy to offer any ideas I may have. With sisters, it’s easy. We’re used to giving advice to one another.

Spring is almost here. I hope you have a wonderful week and can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather if you have some. And I hope you have someone wonderful to share these special moments with.