Laura Haley-McNeil

3/5/17, Spring

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you had a lovely week and this week you can look forward to some warmer weather and longer days as we inch closer to spring. In another week, Daylight Savings will start bringing us longer evenings, though for me, it means driving to work in the dark again for at least a couple of weeks, but when I leave work the sun is shining and that gives me the urge to stay outdoors, take a walk or work in the garden. I always enjoy springtime with the flowers and trees blooming. We have a few flowering trees in our yard, some a deep purple, some a pale lavender and some white. The blossoms don’t last long so I have to make sure that I am paying attention and witness the transformation from stark branches to buds to full blooms. I’m always sad with the blossoms fade. The transformation happens so quickly. It feels as if the pressure of winter has been lifted from my shoulders and the newness of the blossoms fill the air with their glorious sights and scents. The air is also filled with the sounds of birds having returned from the south. They call to each other and chase each other from tree to tree. Each bird has its own unique call which is delightful to hear and seems to turn our yard into a symphony with their timbre, tone and musicality. If you’re a music lover, you should listen to Aaron Copland’s ballet Appalachian Spring. Watching the ballet is wonderful, there are several recordings on, but even just listening to the music is quite satisfying. The composition is arranged to capture the sounds of spring and perfectly embodies new growth as it transforms the terrain from winter to spring.

I try to stay on track with my writing, but with the nicer weather, staying indoors and writing is a challenge. If everything goes as planned, this year I will publish two books in the Crystal Creek Series a boxed set with three books and a boxed set with the first six books of the Crystal Creek series. I’ve also been toying with another series. I have several I want to write. I love visiting the south and would love to base a book in one of those cities and in the country near a southern city. I have several characters who have been roaming around in my head for a couple of years now and have been demanding for me to give them life. I so want to comply, but time is limited and I haven’t been able to focus on their stories. Someday.

I also want to write about a group of young women who graduate college and set off to make their mark in the world. I love talking to young people and hearing about their dreams and goals. One of my sisters has a foreign exchange student living with her. The student is 15 years old, from Germany and is very smart. She and I have talked about what she’ll do when she finishes high school. The German high schools are quite different from American high schools. She will attend a high school that will prepare her for college. She is tri lingual (German, French and American English). Of course, I think she should pursue international business, and maybe even a law degree, but she also likes medicine. Her father is a dentist. Whatever she decides to do, it will be exciting. I want to take that same excitement and weave it into my novels about the college grads. Naturally, these will be romances, but their careers will have equal emphasis.

I have so many ideas. Now I just need the time to write the books.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and if you have dreams about writing or about doing anything, but your time is consumed with work or family or both, my heart goes out to you. I know how discouraging it can be to try to find free time to pursue your dream. I hope someday you find a way to make it happen. I love to hear from readers. If you want to share your dreams or anything else, please feel free to write to me. I always respond. Wishing you many blessings in the coming week!