Laura Haley-McNeil

4/12/23, Crystal Creek Boxed Set, Books 1-3, is 99¢ Today!

Crystal Creek Boxed Set, Books 1-3

Crystal Creek Boxed Set, Books 1-3, is 99¢ today. Click the link to download this sweet, romantic suspense, and start reading begin the Crystal Creek adventure by meeting the Whitlochs!

Traveling to Crystal Creek

Based on the ranch where my father was raised, I love to visit the Whitlochs and learn what new and exciting romance will carry me through the year. Their lives are complicated, but romance softens even the hardest of hearts. Adventure follows the Whitlochs wherever they go.

Crystal Creek Boxed Set, Books 1-3, is 99¢ Today

Begin the adventure with Vitoria and Garrett. She escapes the clutches of a stalker only to run into the arms of the man who abandoned her ten years ago. Can she trust the man who vows to protect her? But at what risk to her heart.

Meet the Whitlochs of Crystal Creek

Guarding Her Heart – Book 1

When a serial killer stalks Victoria, only Garrett can solve the mystery – Garrett, the man who broke her heart ten years

Crystal Creek Christmas – Book 2

During a blinding snowstorm, Jake finds an unconscious woman trapped in a snowdrift – a woman he can’t forget, a woman wearing a wedding ring.

A Ring Around Her Heart – Book 3

Giselle inherited the ring from her great grandmother. What deadly secret is Niccolo hiding that forces him to claim the ring?

If you like sweet sizzling romance with spine-tingling suspense, you’ll love the Crystal Creek Boxed Set by Laura Haley-McNeil. Click the link and download your copy now.

This excerpt will pull you in:

Chapter One

Victoria Whitloch glanced over the top of her sketchpad at the Seine River. She forced her mind to focus on her drawing.

See the languid waters.

The cruise ship passes.

See the intertwined couple kissing, touching, caressing.

But the feeling wouldn’t leave her. That feeling that someone in the shadows watched her.

No one watched her.

Someone is watching!

She had walked the area several times. The people in the area had their own interests, none of which included her.

A chill skittered across her neck and down her spine. She rolled her shoulders trying to free herself from the imagined stare.

No one watched her.

With bold strokes of her charcoal pencil, she sketched the cruise ship sailing down the middle of the river. She placed the couple on a bench in front of the church.

With a swirl of her pencil, she arched the man’s body so that his love for the woman showed in the way he held her, looked at her.

Victoria’s chest ached. A heartache. Her pencil froze above the sketch. How many years had it been since someone had looked at her that way?

Paris used to be safe!

The sun sank behind the Notre Dame Cathedral and painted the sky orange, gold, purple, red. She had little time left to finish her sketch. On the pad, Victoria marked the areas of the sunset that she would later fill in with vibrant colors.

The streetlights turned on, low at first, announcing the evening. Victoria’s time to wander the streets of Paris.

Cold burrowed itself into her stomach. She glanced over her shoulder. Walking after dark wasn’t her favorite pastime anymore.

She threw her sketchpad and charcoal pencils into her portfolio and tied the ribbons dangling from the edges into bows. She lifted the strap over her shoulder. At five feet two inches, she barely kept the portfolio from dragging along the ground.

What is the echo?

The tightening in her chest. Her mouth dried. Her palms were slippery with sweat. She had to be back at the hotel before dark. It only happened once before, that feeling that someone lurked nearby, but she didn’t want to experience that feeling again—that feeling that crawled across her skin, exposed her nerve endings, made her tremble.

Her long skirt whipped about her ankles. Her footsteps tapped loudly along the sidewalk. How could they be so loud? She was wearing soft-soled flats. Still, her footsteps echoed along the street. Louder than the traffic. The woman from the fourth floor apartment screaming at her husband. Louder than the teenaged boys playing hacky-sack in the middle of the street.

The movement on the balcony.

It was only an echo.

That was not an echo.

The sound came sometimes before her step, sometimes after her step. She stopped. Whipped around. Stared.

I’m so excited to share the Crystal Creek Boxed Set, Books 1-3, with you. Click the link and start reading today!