Laura Haley-McNeil

4/15/18, Listen to the Music

Hello, Everyone!

Though the weather here has been mild, I’ve been reading about parts of the country that still endure winter like conditions. Thankfully, that isn’t the case here, but it’s been too cool to work in the garden, my favorite spring activity. It won’t be long, but I’m anxious to enjoy some outside time and digging around in the flowerbeds.

A few years ago, I read an article about the Rolling Stones, the rock group. I don’t know much about their past. I know that they, like other rock bands at the time, worked hard to achieve their fame. They were young, some of them still in their teens, when they traveled around the UK and Europe and played in any place that would take them. Many times, they weren’t paid, but with their music and their style, they developed a following and after several years realized notoriety. After they achieved their fame, they still would make unannounced visits to these tiny bars where they got their start and perform for free to their surprised audiences.

That concept intrigued me and I incorporated it into my latest novel, Defending Her Heart, Book 6 of the Crystal Creek Series. Kitty King never forgot her roots or the people who loved her music and paid hard earned money to buy her album or attend her concerts. She knows she wouldn’t be where she is today if it hadn’t been for loyal fans. She makes a surprise visit to the local bar in Crystal Creek, but this simple visit turns out to be more complicated as it stirs up a secret from her past and the buried secret from JT Whitloch’s, one of Max Whitloch’s sons, past. JT had thought by pretending to be a ranch hand, his deadly secret would remain buried forever, but a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel unearthed unanswered questions. The past came calling in a dark figure that knew the only way to silence these secrets was to bury them forever.

The book was fun to write. Music is my first love so whenever I can weave it into a story, it makes writing the book twice as fun.

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying springtime weather. If not, take heart. Warmth and sunshine will soon arrive. Have a wonderful week!