Laura Haley-McNeil

4/8/18, Here Comes the Bride!

Hello, Everyone!

 I hope you had a wonderful Easter or Passover, if you celebrate those holidays, and that your spring is bringing you lovely weather. It’s been a little cooler than usual here, which makes me impatient to start planting. I had hoped to spend a weekend clearing detritus from the flower beds, but it’s been too cool, which means I’ll have to buckle down once the weather warms.

Last year, we attended several weddings. Those are so much fun, especially to see the beautiful bride happy and excited to start her new life. This year, these couples are welcoming babies so I’ve been busy crocheting baby afghans, the only thing I crochet. I love seeing babies wrapped up in something fluffy and white.

With all the weddings we attended last year, it increased my desire to write a bride’s series. I’ve always wanted to do that and now I’ve started. The first book will be released this summer so stay tuned. When I was making decisions for the cover I looked at every bride picture I could find. So many book covers focus on the bouquet with the bride in the background. Most of the covers don’t show the bride’s face. And then there are the colors. Do I want cool colors or warm colors? What kind of font to I want to use? I had to get opinions from almost everyone I know and some people I didn’t know. Making these decisions was almost as arduous as planning the wedding! You want the wedding to be perfect and I wanted my cover to be perfect. Whatever theme I chose, I wanted to use it throughout the series. That’s not to say I’ll change the covers in the future. I did that with my other series, so I may do that with this one.

My designer surprised me with a beautiful cover. The bride is presented in a pose I never expected and the designer used colors I never thought to use. The end result is spectacular and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll reveal the cover in the next newsletter. Now I can’t wait to finish the next book because I’m dying to see what the next cover will reveal.

There are other aspects about my current novel that include topics I’ve always wanted to write about. I’ll discuss these topics in future blogs. Needless to say, I’m very excited about this series!

I hope you have a wonderful week, enjoy lovely weather, and spend the rest of the day reading a fabulous book.