Laura Haley-McNeil

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Welcome to Crystal Creek

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Who is stalking Aubrey?

Aubrey is desperate escape the clutches of a vicious killer, but the only one who can save her is her ex–Hunter Whitloch.

Whisper a Kiss is 99¢Today

He broke a promise to save her life. Her shattered heart will never let her trust. Will a stalker force her into the arms of the man who abandoned her or will her dead father’s secret tear them apart forever?

Hunter Whitloch’s Wall Street career is on the fast track until he learns about his boss’, Egon Gregory, underhanded dealings. Hunter’s and Egon’s confrontation means Hunter must turn a blind eye or return to Crystal Creek and walk away from a lucrative career and the only woman he’s ever loved—Egon’s daughter, Bryce. Hunter won’t let Bryce make a choice between him and her father, so he makes that choice for her and leaves.

Can Bryce Trust Hunter?

Bryce watched Hunter walk out of her life and never expected to see him again—until he shows up at her father’s funeral. The mystery deepens when Bryce learns her father asked Hunter to return to New York—the night her father died. The authorities have ruled Egon’s death a suicide but attempts on Bryce’s life unearth more questions than answers—namely who can she trust? The man who abandoned her a year ago, or her father’s right-hand man who wants to seize control of her company?

After Egon’s funeral Hunter has to return to Crystal Creek, but he won’t leave Bryce as bait to someone who wants her dead. But Crystal Creek isn’t the haven he expected. Soon he and Bryce race against the clock to find out what secret died with Egon. Once they know, can they endure the pain that has them fighting to protect their lives and their hearts?

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This Excerpt Will Pull You In

Chapter One

Hunter Whitloch stood on a knoll in the sweltering June heat and looked over the New York graveyard. The small group of elegantly dressed mourners gathered around Egon Gregory’s casket didn’t hide his daughter, Bryce. She tipped her chin, her blonde hair skimming her shoulders, and stared bravely ahead. Hunter would’ve known she was here even if they’d been surrounded by thousands of people. He had a sense when Bryce was near.

He pushed down the stirring of sensations rising in his chest. He hadn’t seen her in a year, but his feelings for her hadn’t changed.

Percy is annoyed with Hunter

Dressed in black, a thin veil covering her face, she clutched the hand of Egon’s closest friend, Percy Wright. Hunter wondered what Percy would say when he saw Hunter had attended the funeral. Probably not much. When Hunter had worked for Gregory Enterprises, Percy rarely spoke to him.

Hunter felt a vague disquiet, drew in a breath, then strolled down the hill. He’d come to pay his condolences to Egon Gregory, the man who had taken him under his wing and taught him how to earn a few million. That knowledge would’ve satisfied Hunter if he hadn’t discovered the machinations of the underbelly of Gregory Enterprises.

Hunter discovers a terrible secret

Maybe Hunter was the only one with a conscience.

Once he discovered how Egon Gregory made his billions, he couldn’t condone the underhanded deals and walked away from a career most people would’ve killed for⸻including Hunter.

When he reached the gathering, he felt the stares, listened to the murmurings. Some smiled. Others frowned. He heard the minister’s prayer, but didn’t catch the words. His gaze shifted to Bryce, to the elegant curve of her neck, her graceful poise, and the emotions he’d buried surged to the surface.

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