Laura Haley-McNeil

5/16/21, Sweet Romance Freebies

Clean and Sweet Romance

Springtime gives us such wonderful and delightful surprises, so what perfect time to celebrate the season than with these sweet romance freebies?

Celebrate Spring

Hopefully by now you have winter in your rearview mirror and can start working on the springtime plans. What items do you have on your list? Maybe gardening, or traveling, or enjoying this lovely weather?

Sweet Romance Freebies

Whatever your plans, don’t let your reading device sit idle. Be sure to click the link and download these delightful sweet romances today. No matter what the weather, reading can be a simple pleasure that brings you hours of enjoyment. You deserve the entertainment these charming reads provide, so click the link and start reading today. You can’t be the price with these bargains for free.

Christmas Billionaires

Because I love Christmas, nothing brings me greater joy than creating these billionaire romances that celebrate Christmas with romance. The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift started it all, so be sure to click the link and enjoy a sweet romance with all my favorite things. Readers love this series, and you will, too, because of this great price and this sweet romance.

And How Are You Doing?

Please know no matter what the season, you are in my thoughts and prayers. We’ve passed through a trying time, and I pray you are near the end. But if times seem weary, I understand completely. If you need to share what weighs on your heart, please know I’m just an email away.

I pray for God’s blessings in your life. Be well and safe, my dear friends.