Laura Haley-McNeil

5/2/21, For All You Love Birds

Spring for Love

With spring, our thoughts can’t help but turn to love, so for all you love birds, click the link and enjoy a treasure trove of love during this delightful season. Sweet romance gives you an afternoon stories that will make you smile.

Birds Singing

Birds love spring and sing their hearts out when dawn breaks. As I sit in our family room, which doubles as my office, I watch the birds chase each other across the patio as the males try to woo the females to their nests. This simple pursuit can keep me entertained for hours, and I have to force myself to ignore them so I can finish writing my latest novel.

For All You Love Birds

Sweet romance authors and readers love spring, too. Nothing gives me more pleasure than conjuring up a powerfully built hero. Despite his rough exterior, he has a heart of gold. And what happens when he meets the strong willed heroine who doesn’t have the word “no” in her vocabulary? Crack open the cover and read the meet between stubborn and determined. I can’t wait to share these romances with you.

Crystal Creek

For this giveaway, I’ve included Book 8 of the Crystal Creek Series, Never Kiss Goodbye. Bronc rider Josh Merrick thought he’d moved past the heartbreak of his past, but when he finds pregnant Lily Harkin hiding in an abandoned trailer, he confront his past again⸻this time to win.

Spring in Your Step

Be sure to click the link and download these sweet romance reads today. They’re bound to give you those simple pleasures you feel whenever you close a book to a satisfying read.

Be well and safe, my friends, and may God keep you engraved in the palm of His hand.