Laura Haley-McNeil

5/21/23, Another Chance at Love is Coming Soon!

Hearts of Crystal Creek

Another Chance at Love is coming soon! Ready for more Crystal Creek, that idyllic town tucked in the Colorado Rockies? You’ll meet old friends in the Crystal Creek romantic suspense series, but now you’ll meet the people who live in the town of Crystal Creek.

For years I’ve wanted to write a Christian romance series, and now I have. Another Chance at Love is the 1st book in the Hearts of Crystal Creek Series.

Hannah has lived in Crystal Creek all her life. Everyone knows she’s the girl who made a mistake and now is the mother of a teenage daughter. Desiree is beautiful, but she wants to know who her father is, a secret Hannah refuses to reveal.

Trey still mourns the loss of his wife from a year ago. To heal his wounds, he takes his teenage children on a road trip. What he doesn’t understand is why God led him to Crystal Creek. They had only planned to stay one night, but then he meets a waitress at the cafe. He can’t get her out of his head.

Is this God’s plan? Then why does Trey find himself not eager to leave Crystal Creek? And why does Hannah keep him at arm’s length?

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