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5/25/21, Beaumont Brides Boxed Set is LIVE Today!

Beaumont Brides Boxed Set

Beaumont Brides Boxed Set is live today! Click the link to download these standalone sweet romances!

The Beaumont Brides

Although I never watched that old TV show called Brothers and Sisters, I loved the premise of adult children with careers and complicated love lives. To confound matters, I added a blended family to the mix and watched the room temperature rise. With that concept in mind, the Lowes and the Duvalls, from the town of Beaumont, Colorado, became a creation.

Beaumont Brides Boxed Set Books 1-3

Curious about the Beaumont Brides? Scroll down and meet these strong women and the powerful men who love them.

Beaumont Brides Boxed Set Books 1-3

Here come the brides!

Book 1: Wherever Love Finds You

It’s his game. He makes the rules. Rule number one – only he can break the rules.

Zach Lowe lives his life without relationships in business and personally. Getting involved doesn’t work when you’re the Black Knight of Wall Street.

When Ellora Duvall waltzes into his world, he hadn’t expected her to affect him.

Who broke his rules?

Book 2: When Love Whispers


Sometimes, love comes in packages.

Preston Lowe excels in everything. Only Willow Dockery sees past his confident veneer to a past that could derail the career he’s worked hard to achieve.

Book 3: Call It Love

A kiss isn’t just a kiss …

Addison Duvall hustles acting jobs in hopes for her big break.

Behind megastar Spencer’s façade hides the pain no one suspects.

Sparks fly when Addison is cast to stand in with Spencer for that Hollywood kiss.


This Excerpt from Call It Love Will Pull You In

Chapter One

Addison Duvall stood apart from the cast and crew crowded across the Hollywood soundstage and ended the call on her cell phone. She dropped her head back against the concrete wall and closed her eyes, but that did little to still the emotions rising in her chest.

Her agent, Donny White, had just told her she didn’t get the part on the sitcom that she was sure she had. The director was looking for someone tanner, blonder, shorter. She could be all those things if given a chance. She could go to a tanning salon, dye her dark hair, and slouch.

Donny laughed and told her he’d scheduled her for another audition. “Don’t worry, kid. I’ll get you something,” he said. But he said that every time they talked.

Sometimes she wondered if she should’ve accepted the teaching job she’d been offered and stayed in Colorado―even if it was January and freezing.

Talk on the Set

Conversations on the set silenced. Addison’s eyes flew open, and she clutched her copy of the screenplay for When We Say Goodbye to her chest. She’d been hired as the stand-in for Irene Wayne, the female lead in this top-budget spy film, and she didn’t want to miss her cue.

A tall, powerfully built man stepped onto the set. Spencer Kingsley, the film’s star, was the grandson of Hollywood great Mirabelle La Marr Kingsley and the hottest actor in town. His parents would’ve been acting legends had a tragic accident not claimed their lives.

Addison’s heart beat rapidly. She might be Irene’s stand-in, but this was the closest she’d ever get to Spencer Kingsley. When Irene’s scenes were shot, she’d be with Spencer in nearly every scene. Lucky girl.

Spencer’s blue gaze swept over the cast and crew and he greeted everyone near him, from the key grips to the supporting actors. Addison’s pulse quickened at Spencer’s outrageously handsome face and his easy manner.

If Addison hadn’t taken Donny’s call, she would be standing with the extras in the cast, and Spencer would’ve talked to her. He stopped and chatted with a group of women standing a few feet away from Addison. They were leggy, tan and blond, and giggled when he said hello. He looked past them and straight at Addison.

Spencer’s dazzling smile radiated, and he moved past the women and extended his hand to her. Everyone around her quieted, their stares like coarse sandpaper rubbing against her skin.

“You’re Irene’s stand-in for the Ruby character,” Spencer spoke into the silence. “Addison Duvall.”

Addison’s mouth dropped open. He knew her name? “Yes,” she stammered. Logical thought vanished from her mind. Staring into his brilliant blue eyes, she slipped her hand into his. It was large and well-shaped, its strength filling her with warmth.

“It’s nice to meet you.” His mouth spread into a roguish grin, and his hand fell away. “I’ll see you around.”

Chilly air rushed in where his heat had cocooned her.

Turning away, Spencer moved across the set to the row of canvas chairs emblazoned with the names of the leading cast and crew.

The extras pushed around her, all gushing at once. Spencer knew Addison’s name. That had to mean something.

If only that were true. Doubt crept in. Why would a big Hollywood star want to remember the stand-in for his leading lady? The answer was simple. He wouldn’t.

Spencer stood next to the film’s director, Howie Post. They laughed as if one of them had cracked a joked, then their conversation seemed to turn serious. Spencer lifted his gaze to where Addison and the other extras stood, but he wasn’t looking at the extras. He was looking at her. Howie looked at her, too. Addison let out her breath. Were they talking about her? Spencer said something to Howie that made the director lift his brows.


I’m so excited to share the Beaumont Brides Boxed Set Books 1-3 with you. Click the link and start reading these sweet romances today!







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