Laura Haley-McNeil

6/24/18, Sailing Away!

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer with wonderful weather. We had a hot spell then suddenly the temperature dropped 30 degrees and it poured rain for several days. The lawns loved it. They were turning brown, and of course the flowers stood tall and beautiful soaking up this gentle sprinkling. I’m enjoying it while I can because the heat will soon return.

With summer’s arrival, I focus on my yard and trying to keep the lawn green and the flowers from succumbing to the weeds, but there was a time when my life focused on my job and mixing work with fun. When you’re young and finally making your own money, it’s like a shock knowing that this is YOUR money and you can spend it any way you wish and hopefully you’re saving some for when you’re old and doddering which we never think we’ll be when we’re young.

Sometimes we find that new job out of college in a different town where we don’t know anyone. If it’s an expensive place to live, like New York City, chances are we can’t afford an apartment without finding a roommate. Now we have work and living arrangements under control, but what about fun? What about sharing a moment with that special someone? Having been single for way more years than a care to admit there were times when I never thought I’d settle down and I had always thought being would single be my life. Those are the moments I like to write about. Young people who may or may not be searching for a life partner, but may want someone just to have a fun evening with, go to a special place for dinner or how about a spending an afternoon doing something a little more unconventional like sailing?

In my book Wherever Love Finds You, Zach Lowe is concerned about Ellora Duvall because her career fills her life. She’s the first to work in the morning, the last to leave at night and she spends her weekends studying the markets. She wants to make a good impression on her boss. When Zach asks her out on a date, she’s not sure she heard him right, but finally agrees to spend a Saturday with him and where will they go? What will they do? He’s taking her sailing.

When I lived in San Diego, I learned to sale. Unfortunately, once I moved away from San Diego I never sailed again, though I really enjoyed it. We took lessons at a marina that was associated with the naval base so most of the instructors were involved with the navy. I remember one instructor, who was a naval officer, who was a little cocky and was constantly telling us to tighten the jib. I had argued with him because the bay was windy and I was afraid we’d tip over, and guess what? We tipped over. I was so mad. We treaded water fully clothed and waited for someone to rescue us. Needless to say I didn’t see him again, but that made the day and the class very memorable.

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and that each day brings you something new and exciting to look forward to. Have a great week!