Laura Haley-McNeil

5/20/18, Royal Wedding

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that this week is filled with fun and exciting things to look forward to. Summer is almost upon us and time for us to make those last minute plans for the vacation, or staycation, which can be just as fun and most of the time a lot more relaxing. I have to promise myself I won’t work when we stay at home instead of taking a trip, though we do take a drive or a hike at least a couple of times during the week and pretend we don’t have real jobs. That’s the best part!

Did you watch the royal wedding? I have to admit I did. This is the wedding that was supposed to take place in 1937 when Edward VIII had wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, the American divorcée. I realize that times have changed. It’s hard to imagine that the king abdicated his throne nearly 80 years ago for the love of a woman. I’m not an anglophile so maybe one of you can educate me, but I’m wondering if Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle isn’t scandalous because he isn’t likely to inherit the throne. I read he’s now fifth in line.  

I’ve noticed a surge in romance novels about marrying a prince and am wondering if this is a new genre. Many of us were raised on fairytales all spouting hope that one day we too can marry a prince and now here’s an American divorcée who actually will. It would have been remarkable to attend the wedding, but probably I had a better view of the wedding from my smart phone. I had to be insane to rise early and on a weekend. I cleaned house Saturday, how royal is that? I’m sure Meghan won’t be cleaning her palace. Then I dragged the phone around the house, which is thankfully small, and watched the wedding commentaries on my three inch screen. Because I still hadn’t seen enough royal wedding coverage, I took my phone outside and weeded my garden and kept my eyes glued to my smart phone. How silly is that? We Americans rejected the monarchy but we’re still fascinated with the British royals. After cleaning the house and weeding the garden, I was covered in dirt with my weed digger in hand and mesmerized by the beautiful bride, who is beautiful anyway, who alighted from the limousine in a gorgeous gown surrounded by bridesmaids. I noticed she had the royal wave down.

For those who watched, I’m sure you noticed all the well-wishers gathered around the church, many of whom had camped for days. Now she starts a life that I’m sure is unlike any she ever imagined, though she is a very ambitious woman and worked hard to achieve success.

And if Wallis Simpson were alive? I’m sure she’d wonder why she’d been treated differently. This could have been her life if not for the staid rules of the British monarchy.

Whether you’re a royal or a commoner or a Yank, I hope you’re week is wonderful and if you couldn’t attend the wedding, maybe it’s time to head to the bookstore and look for one of those romance novels about the woman who marries a prince. Happy reading!