Laura Haley-McNeil

8/2/20, Summer Romance

Summer Romoance

For me, there’s nothing more wonderful to read than a summer romance. Between the covers of a book, a romance can be what you always wanted it to be: the powerfully built hero who looks at you with concern and tenderness in his eyes, his lips tipped with a slight smile, his features chiseled by a master sculpture. Okay, my heart’s pounding. I hope yours is, too.

What Happens on the Beach

What better place for a summer romance than the beach? When we were young, the beach was the best place to be. We’d go early and stake out our territory. It was a great place to see just how perfect those boys you sat next to in class really were. Their tan, sculpted bodies gleaming in the summer sun, their ridged muscles glistening as they’d paddle their surfboards into the water to catch the next wave.

Summer Romance

Then there were those summer nights. Everyone would pull out their sweaters and gather around a campfire. (We’re pretending lighting a fire on the beach is still legal.) A couple of people would pull out their guitars and tambourines and everyone would sing. That was the perfect time to slip away with your new found love and climb over the rocks to that hidden cove.

First Kiss

While the waves crashed into the inlet, you’d feel his powerful arms slip around your shoulders and the kiss, maybe your first kiss,  a taste of the sea and the sun. He digs his fingers into your hair, pulls you close and you inhale the scent of him. Oh, that this moment could  last forever.

Sail Away

Maybe that first summer date was a day of sailing. In my book, Wherever Love Finds You, Book 1 of the Beaumont Brides Series, Zach and Ellora spend a day in the bay. When they take a break for a swim. their playful games are the realization that beneath their façade of friendship is the possibility of something more. Is this loving man the same Black Knight of Wall Street who threatens to takeover her company?

To add to your summertime reading, be sure to click the summer romance link and enjoy some great sweet romances. You’ll love these stories that make you laugh and cry and remind that a romance novel is the best place to spend your summer.

I hope everything is well with you and your loved ones. Have a wonderful and blessed week!