Laura Haley-McNeil

8/28/22, Clean and Light Fiction

Best summer reads

As we say goodbye to summer, don’t say goodbye to clean and light fiction. Click the link and be sure to enjoy these sweet reads.

Don’t Say Goodbye

Summer lives forever on the pages of these sweet romances that a group of very talented authors contributed to this promotion. What will you find? Laughter, sorrow, joy and tears, but all that end with that satisfying happily-ever-after. Sweet romance has to be worthwhile, and these make your afternoon reading perfect.

Clean and Light Fiction

Reading time is precious, and we want to make sure yours is worthwhile. Whether Christian, Amish or just plain sweet, these books will satisfy the longing of romance readers everywhere.

Wherever Love Finds You

Wherever Love Finds You, Book 1 of the Beaumont Brides Series, gives readers a satisfying read in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Ellora has the job of her dreams, that is until Zach, the Black Knight of Wall Street crushes her future with a hostile takeover. Zach has always thought Ellora was the sweet brainiac when they were partners in chem lab. He’s sorry she was caught in the crosshairs of his company’s mergers and acquisitions, and he can make it up to her. That’s when he discovers just how strong Ellora really is.

Make Summer Last

These sweet romances will bring you fun in the sun as you flip through the pages and snuggle into your comfy chair. You’ll laugh and cry and swoon as you devour these wonderful reads

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