Laura Haley-McNeil

9/16/18, Holding Out for a Heroine

Hello, Everyone!

We’re into autumn, and I hope September has been a wonderful month so far for you. September is a month where I’m less distracted by warm weather activities and spend more time focusing on the book I’m currently writing—namely heroes and heroines.

Raise your hand if your heart pounds whenever you hear Bonnie Tyler sing, “Holding out for a Hero.” Who can resist that blood heating drumbeat and Bonnie Tyler’s husky voice? That was my theme song for nearly a decade, and I kept waiting for this larger than life hunk to gallop toward me and whisk me away.

When I started writing romance novels, I realized what I really needed was a heroine, and my heroine for Imagine the Kiss, Book 7 of the Crystal Creek Series, came galloping toward me in the form of a violinist.

Teagan Whitloch Munroe was the heroine that haunted my dreams for several years before I finally put pen to paper. I had wanted to write about a violinist, but I needed to give her a worthy hero. Like all my heroines, she was very special. Finding her hero took a few years, but I finally found Phineas St. Cyr who was the hero who had rattled around inside my brain since I first saw Phantom of the Opera. As these characters began to materialize, I realized Phin and Teagan were meant for each other.

When I was trying to learn more about Teagan, I happened upon a video featuring violinist Lindsay Stirling. Although, Teagan looks nothing like Lindsay, Teagan is creative and talented like Lindsay. Once I molded Teagan’s characteristics in my mind and onto the page, I had the beginning of my story. What starts out as a tale of two deeply wounded people meshes into a novel of healing and the hero and heroine’s search for the truth.

Imagine the Kiss takes you from Crystal Creek to the concert halls of Berlin to the fairytale island of St. Lucia. It’s available for preorder now and goes on sale September 25, 2018. I hope you love it!

Have a great week, Everyone, and I wish for wonderful things to happen to you.