Laura Haley-McNeil

9/4/22, Fall into Love with Sweet Romance

Fall Reading

The weather is cooling and the days are shortening, which is the perfect time to fall into love with sweet romance.

Snuggle in and Read

We may say goodbye to summer, but with shorter days comes more time for reading, and what’s better than a great romance. Join these heroes and heroines as they solve the mystery and say yes to love.

Fall into Love with Sweet Romance

I can’t wait to crack open a book that promises edge-of-your-seat reading and whip through the pages of a thrilling novel that makes me want more, which should make you want to read these books.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift

My first Christmas romance, The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift, was so much fun to write. Quint and Chrystelle are the exact opposites: the Hollywood studio head versus the struggling writer; the sophisticated executive versus the small-town neophyte; the man who can never love versus the woman who believes in love. What happens when these two meet? Download the book and get ready for the fireworks.

Looking Toward Fall

I hope your summer fills you with wonderful memories that carry you through the brilliant colors of fall. Tuck in with a cup of cocoa and crack open a satisfying romance. I’ll be there beside you, whipping through the pages of a mesmerizing read.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.