Laura Haley-McNeil

6/14/20, Movie Makeup Artist

Movie Makeup Artist

A movie makeup artist can win awards for creative makeup on such characters. Notice the characters in Star Wars or a Zombie flick? The artist will work with a producer to create the right warts and scaly skin or rotting skin or webbed appendages that will fascinate or terrify an audience.

Movie Makeup Artist

But a movie makeup artist is also known for making a plain person glamorous. Look at the head shots of famous actors from Hollywood’s Golden Age. These actors have flawless skin, full, pouty lips, dazzlingly white teeth and sparkling eyes. Max Factor created the makeup for many of these actors and made them look perfect. We mere mortals could only hope to be as beautiful as they were.

 Movie Extra

When I worked as an extra, I saw how much work went into making these actors perfect. Between each take, a team would rush in with powder and brushes and palettes filled with all makeup colors and would work with the lighting crew to make sure no matter what angle the camera caught the actor, s/he looked perfect. For the leading actresses, the artist must cover every facial line and crease. Though these women were beautiful to begin with, when I saw them on the screen, they were stunning, all thanks to the makeup team.

Makeup Chair

In my book Call It Love, Book 3 of the Beaumont Brides Series, Addison Duvall is the fill in for the screen tests. She’s surprised when the shots include megastar Spencer Kingston. When the director sends to her makeup to prepare for the shot, she spends a couple of hours in the chair while the movie makeup artist creates her magic. The artist transforms Madison from the movie extra to a stunning femme fatale. What happens next even Addison never expected.

I hope your weekend had lots of fun times and that the week to come will be blessed and filled with comfort for you and your loved ones. I keep you all in my prayers for God’s peace and blessings in your life.