Laura Haley-McNeil

7/12/20, Makeup on the Movie Set

Makeup Chair

As a movie extra, I learned many things including makeup on the movie set. Even for an ordinary look, actors spend hours in the makeup chair. Makeup artists know the exact method to make that actor look perfect.

Time in the Makeup Chair

It isn’t just the initial application that’s important. A scene can take hours to film and makeup can fade so touch ups are vital. If lighting or camera angles change, the makeup artist stands ready. He has his brushes and powders and palettes ready to smooth the skin or heighten the color. And a makeup artist knows who needs what and when.

Makeup on the Movie Set

If an actor comes to the set after a wild night, that’s a challenge, but an expert makeup artist knows what to do to make that actor look like he had a full night’s rest. The artist is on set to freshen makeup between takes. Actors are usually attractive people. You may watch a movie and wonder if that actor ever had a bad day. Probably, but remember that between takes the makeup artists and hair stylists and wardrobe techs rush in and fluff the actor’s hair, reapply powder and lip color and nip and tuck the wardrobe. Every take the actor has to look perfect.

Between Takes

In my book Call It Love, Book 3 of the Crystal Creek Series, Addison is the stand in for the lead actress.  After hours in the make up chair, she’s on the set. The light crew tests the camera angles. while the makeup and wardrobe techs stand by. With each turn of the camera, the director calls for touch ups and the crew moves in to make Addison look perfect. What she didn’t expect was to shoot this scene with megastar Spencer Kingsley, but in the land of make believe, anything can happen.

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and as you look forward to the week ahead may every day be wonderful and blessed!