Laura Haley-McNeil

Sassy and Sweet, 9/15/19

Sassy and Sweet

Hello, Everyone!

Sassy and Sweet

As we dip into fall, we can enjoy the beautiful colors of the changing season, the cooler weather and spending more time indoors. This gives me a chance to catch up on my reading and download more books to read. Even better is when the books are FREE! That’s why I want to share this SASSY AND SWEET eBook giveaway with you!

Talented Authors

I’ve gathered with a group of talented authors each of whom are giving away one of her books. This is a great opportunity for readers to discover a new favorite author. You have nothing to lose! Click the link below to enjoy these FREE eBooks!


Tell an Author

These authors spend a great deal of time crafting their stories, sometime years, so if you read a book that really touches your heart, please reach out to the author and let her know. Writing is a lonely business. An author doesn’t know if she’s written a book readers like unless that reader reaches out. Nothing makes an author smile more than when a reader drops a note to tell her how much she enjoyed reading her book.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed week! Remember to enjoy these cooler days by curling up with a good book!