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Time to fall in love
Laura Haley-McNeil

3/19/23, Springtime Romance

For those of you who like to read sweet romance, click this link and enjoy Springtime Romance. Spend a thrilling afternoon with a powerfully built hero and feisty heroine. Sparks Fly Nothing can keep you turning those pages faster than romance, especially when the romance hinges on conflict but demands a mystery be solved. When two opposites are …

Laura Haley-McNeil

2/22/23, Guarding Her Heart is FREE Today!

Guarding Her Heart is FREE today. Click the link to download this clean mystery romance and meet Victoria and Garrett today! Who is stalking Victoria? Victoria is desperate escape the clutches of a vicious killer, but the only one who can save her is her ex–Garrett Reynolds. Guarding Her Heart is FREE Today Threatened by a …

Laura Haley-McNeil

2/21/23, What She Couldn’t Say is LIVE Today!

What She Couldn’t Say is live today! Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance! It’s a great mystery romance for you to grab while you snuggle in and brave the cold, if you’re in my part of the world. Meet Dr. Eli Merrick Eli’s day off turns into a desperate attempt to rescue …