Laura Haley-McNeil

12/1/19, Black Friday Sales!

Do you look forward to the Black Friday sales as much as you do Thanksgiving? I’ve never been one to follow the sales, though I have friends who plan their entire Christmas shopping around this day including following the ads and comparison shopping so they know where to find the best deal. Maybe you do that, too, and my hat is off to you. I, however, live in blissful ignorance. If I don’t know I can get a better deal elsewhere, I’m happy.

Something else that makes me happy is knowing I can shop online. It’s so convenient to sit in my chair click the mouse, and Voila! My shopping is completed. The only bad thing is when a site becomes so overloaded it crashes and then I have to start over.

Now let’s talk about the deals, because bargains aren’t just limited to clothes and electronics. Authors are participating in black Friday sales, too. And here’s a link to help you get started in your bargain hunting. Click the link below and enjoy these wonderful holiday stories through the season and even into next year. This link includes my book Crystal Creek Christmas, Book 2 of the Crystal Creek Series.

Christmas romance isn’t just for the season. It’s something to enjoy throughout the year, like the Hallmark Christmas movies. They’re satisfying to watch no matter what time of year.

Download these books to your ereader. They’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face throughout the holidays.

Black Friday Sweet and Clean Romance Deals!

Happy shopping!