Laura Haley-McNeil

4/12/20, Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Everyone!

This isn’t the way I had planned to celebrate Easter. Maybe our current situation has changed your plans, too. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I want to wish you peace, love and joy! This is an important holiday for Christians as we focus on the meaning of the resurrection and breaking the bonds that hold us to the past. We move forward. We are reborn. Despite all the heartbreaks and hardships you’ve had in your life, Easter is the message of new life and new beginnings. All things are possible.

Happy Easter

This can also be a busy weekend, one that we prepare for days or weeks. When I attend church, I love how special that day is with families and friends wearing their finest, beautiful hats, shiny new shoes and spring dresses. It’s truly spring and everyone wants to welcome the season with colorful clothes and bright smiles. It’s fun to enjoy the company of family and friends with a brunch and then come home and dig through Easter baskets. The day can be a blur with so many activities and get-togethers planned. The day can also be as exhausting as the planning.

Just for you

If you have more quiet time than usual this Easter, I hope you’ll take peek and at my website and read about my new book, Call It Love, scheduled to be released Tuesday, April 14, 2014. It’s the perfect fix to whisk you away for a few moments.

Holiday Planning

No matter what your plans for the day, I pray it will be a joyful one, one of renewing spirit. Let the sunshine warm your face and fragrant flowers fill the air. God bless you and your loved ones.