Laura Haley-McNeil

5/3/20, Famous Movie Stars  

Background Actor

Have you ever wondered how famous movie stars got their start? Many of them began their careers as background actors, actors who have no speaking lines. They’re cast in a movie, television show, theatre production, etc., to be part of the background in a scene. It’s a way to get noticed, and many famous movie stars began their careers this way.

They Started as Extras

Below is a list of a few famous stars who got their start as film extras. They had to pay their dues and for them, it paid off.

Brad Pitt was a partier in the film Less Than Zero.

Bruce Willis sat in a court room in the Paul Newman film The Verdict. You may not recognize Bruce because he had a lot of hair then.

Thirteen year old Phil Collins had a lot of hair when he sat in the audience as an extra during the filming of the Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night.

Call It Love

Addison Duvall, the heroine of my latest sweet romance novel Call It Love, Book 3 of the Beaumont Brides Series, grew up working in stage productions and when she graduates college, she’s Hollywood bound. To get her start, she hustles background acting jobs. It pays the bills until her agent can help her land that speaking part. She can’t give up. She knows if she pounds the pavement her big break will come.

When she’s cast as the stand-in for the main actress in the latest spy thriller, no one told her she’d work opposite megastar Spencer Kingsley. She gets the shock of her life when the test scene isn’t for the dance number. It’s for the kiss.

My Shot at Fame – Not Really

It was so fun writing Call It Love. It gave me a chance to dig around in my memory and recall the excitement and the boredom of working as an extra in films, so naturally I called on my past experiences and wove a Hollywood romance for Addison and Spencer.

I hope you have a chance to read it and I hope you love it.

I’m praying for a wonderful and blessed week for you and your loved ones.