Laura Haley-McNeil

8/23/22, Love After All is LIVE Today!

Beaumont Brides, Book 5

Love After All is live today! It’s the perfect addition to my other books which you can find here.

I started writing the Beaumont Brides Series four years ago. I was so excited to present the six Duvall sisters and the six Lowe brothers who had just graduated college and were embarking on their careers, but Love has other ideas. Read on to learn more about the next adventure in this blended family.

Meet Beau and Stella

A billionaire, a mystery woman, and a complicated love triangle. Will she play it safe or risk her heart?

Stella Duvall is excited when she thinks her boyfriend is about to propose. When he doesn’t show at the exclusive club, Stella drowns her disappointment in an evening of dinner and dancing with a charming mystery man.

Beau Wallis is proud he’s avoided that walk down the aisle. The billionaire bachelor lifestyle suits him. He’ll never change it―until he meets the mystery woman who takes his breath away. But when she leaves without telling him her name, Beau wonders if he’s missed out on his one chance at love.

Beau is determined to track her down, but when his best friend turns up with the mystery woman on his arm, Beau is sure things can’t get any worse. That is until his best friend tells him he plans to marry her.

Will Stella marry the man who stood her up or will Beau steal her heart?

Love After All is LIVE Today!

Chapter One

Beau Wallis felt free the moment he stepped into The Club on this April evening in Manhattan. He released the breath he’d locked in his lungs since he’d dressed for the evening’s soiree—the one he didn’t want to attend, which was why he was at The Club and not his family’s Upper East Side mansion.

Glad-handing the doorman, he greeted friends and grinned at the bartender. He could almost forget the party his mother had arranged for him as part of her plan for him to meet that special someone.

He knew the woman his mother would have invited would look perfect on the outside with her long blonde hair and wide blue eyes. These women always looked perfect.

What His Mother Didn’t Take into Account

What his mother didn’t take into account was that he wasn’t ready to settle down. At thirty years of age, he still had a few years of singledom left in him. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in love. He wanted to believe in love, but doubts about love haunted him. Namely, was love meant for him?

His parents had a good marriage, which ended six years ago with his father’s passing, but several of his friends hadn’t been so fortunate. Take his thrice-divorced best friend Tom Ruddy. Nice guy, despite being a marital disaster. Tom’s record made Beau think twice about tying the knot.

Beau Stepped to the Bar

Beau stepped to the bar and was ready to order his usual when he heard the voice. He couldn’t hear what she said, but his body came alive at the angelic tone⸻not an exaggeration in his book. It was sweet and melodious, and the woman who carried within her that heavenly resonance definitely deserved a glimpse.

He made the slow turn, smiling at friends, exchanging casual conversation, until his gaze met the dark-eyed brunette. Her full lips seemed to struggle to hold back a smile that was determined to break free. He didn’t have to look around to know that the other men standing around the wood-paneled foyer had noticed her, too. When a couple of them moved toward her, Beau straightened and forced urgency from his stride as he approached her.

“May I Help You?”

“May I help you?” The hesitancy in his voice surprised him. Never had he felt awkward around a woman, but this woman was different. She didn’t have the sharp edges and cool demeanor as the ones who attended the Wallis parties or worked in the hallowed halls of Wallis, Inc.

My, that is service.

“My, that is service,” she said with a laugh. Again, that angelic sound. The laugh made her voice euphoric. Her smile was filled with delight and appreciation. The satin stole covering her shoulders slid down her arms. Her creamy skin reflected the blush that heightened her cheeks. “Of course, my, uh …” She frowned, and her gaze shifted.

“Yes?” Beau took a breath. Even when flustered, this woman was fascinating.

“My fiancé―” She stumbled over the word, but looked relieved to have said it. “―did say that this club excelled at attention to detail.” She slipped off her stole and handed it to him.

“Fiancé?” Beau said weakly, but managed to keep his smile in place. His stomach tightened as if someone sucker-punched his gut.