Love Calls Softly (Beaumont Brides Book 4)


How did this corporate head honcho wind up as her bakeshop assistant?

Tessa Carlisle enjoys her new life of living in her friend’s massive beach house no one in her family uses and working at Betty’s Bakeshop in an idyllic Outer Banks community—until Dillon Lowe shows up. And what’s he doing sacking out in her bedroom and using her shower? Though Tessa’s never seen any man look this good in boxers.

When Betty needs help at the bakeshop, she makes the terrible mistake of accepting Dillon’s offer to help. This San Francisco executive has his meals catered. He’ll never find his way around the bakery.

But it isn’t just the bakeshop Tessa wants to protect. It’s her heart. Each moment she spends with Dillon knocks down another wall she’s built around her feelings. Why can’t she remember he doesn’t plan to stay?

Maybe that’s a good thing, because the only way she can quell these turbulent emotions is for him to go away.


A sweet romcom with lots of laughs and a flood of emotions. Join the fun and download your copy now!