Laura Haley-McNeil

7/21/19, Summer and Romance


Hello, Everyone!

Summer and romance are the perfect combination to make this season wonderful and memorable. Can you remember those special days when you saw THE ONE and your heart went THUD! Or maybe you’re like me and that happened several times.

Summer means NO SCHOOL!

Those moments made such an impression that you remember everything about it: the place, the smells, who were with, the time of year. It makes sense that the moment happened during the summer because the most wonderful thing ever happens during summer⸻NO SCHOOL!

Summer and Romance

What do you do with all that extra time on your hands? If you have a beach nearby, that’s the perfect place to go. Guys want to check out all the babes in their bikinis, but girls like checking out the guys, too. The guy who looks so ordinary in his jeans and t-shirt at school can sure look hot tan, shirtless and wearing swim trunks.


Have I stoked your memories? Are you back in the summer when you and your friends finally found a parking space, grabbed your towels and beach bags and are now scouting for the perfect spot on the beach where you’re near the water and have the best view EVER of the guys grabbing their surfboards and heading out into the water to catch a wave? I know, I know, girls surf, too.


But after a day in the sun, and flirting with the hot guys, you’ve finally had a chance to get to know the one you had your eye on, and he’s looking at you like, “I’d like to get to know you better.” The conversation isn’t as clunky as when you first uttered your shy, “Hi,” His hair might have got a bit shaggy. Hey, it’s SUMMER! And is sun-streaked blond. He smells like the warm sand on the beach. Your friends have slipped away with that someone they’ve always wanted to meet. Now it’s just you and he and the waves and the seagulls and you’re loving that look in his eyes along with everything else about him.

Yes, summer and romance make those memories perfect.

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I hope you LOVE these books!

Have a wonderful and blessed and summery week!