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Hearts of Crystal Creek
Laura Haley-McNeil

5/21/23, Another Chance at Love is Coming Soon!

Another Chance at Love is coming soon! Ready for more Crystal Creek, that idyllic town tucked in the Colorado Rockies? You’ll meet old friends in the Crystal Creek romantic suspense series, but now you’ll meet the people who live in the town of Crystal Creek. For years I’ve wanted to write a Christian romance series, …

Sweet romance reads
Laura Haley-McNeil

3/20/22, Springtime Sweet Romance Reads

For those of you who like to read sweet romance, click this link and enjoy Springtime Sweet Romance Reads. Spend a thrilling afternoon with a powerfully built hero and feisty heroine. Sparks Fly Nothing can keep you turning those pages faster than romance, especially when the romance hinges on conflict but demands a mystery be …