Laura Haley-McNeil

9/27/20, Celebrate Fall with Sweet Romance

Celebrate Fall

The weather may be cooler, but it’s the perfect time to celebrate fall with sweet romance.  Click the link and see what these great authors have to offer you. The best part is that these books are FREE!

When the Weather Changes

This year was a little different because the pandemic forced many of us to stay indoors. If you’re like me, you miss the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the sunshine, but being indoors has its good points⸻like downloading FREE books and whiling away the hours with a cup of cocoa while slipping between the pages of stories that warm your heart.

Celebrate Fall with Sweet Romance

When I wrote Wherever Love Finds You, I had so much fun creating a fall sailing scene. I really had to dig through my memory because it’s been awhile since I sailed, but I loved creating the picnic and the call of the birds and molding that moment when Zach and Ellora drop anchor for a swim. The water may have been cool, but when Zach wrapped his arms around Ellora, the heat turned on. And when Zach climbed aboard the boat, his body sleek with water? Even I flushed a little realizing how powerfully built he was.

Enjoy These Books

The books in this promotion are great reads that you’ll want to devour so be sure to download them today. There’s no limit!

I hope everything is well with you and your family. These are trying times, but we’re all doing the best we can.

May God engrave you and your loved ones in the palm of His hand! Have a blessed week!