Laura Haley-McNeil

4/19/20, Call It Love

Casting Call

When I wrote Call It Love, Book 3 of the Beaumont Brides Series, I had a blast, because it gave me a chance to dig through my memories and piece together some of my experiences as a background actor.

Background Actor

This work wasn’t a big deal to me. If you live in Southern California, opportunities abound. A friend tells you some shoot needs extras, you show up at the gate and voila! You’re on a set. Not always, but for young women, the door usually opens. One you step through that door, you do need to be careful. Fortunately, I hung out with a group of friends.

Working as an extra is a great start for budding actor. Background acting can jump start a career, but the competition is fierce. For me, and many like me, we showed up on the set for the extra cash. And a free meal helps.

Call It Love

Addison Duvall, the struggling actress in Call It Love, hustles acting jobs and working as a background actor gives her the opportunity to meet the producers and directors who hire. When she lands a gig as the stand-in for the lead actress, she can’t believe her luck. She has a chance  to see Spencer Kingsley, Hollywood’s megastar. When the director fires the lead actress, he needs a fill-in until he can recast the role.

What happens next is why Hollywood is the land of dreams-come-true. Romance and Hollywood. What could be more fun?

How Are You?

How are you holding up? Have you been able to weather the quarantine? I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well, and I pray this will end soon, especially for those who have lost their jobs or businesses. This has been a trying time, but my prayers are with you as look forward to the day when this will end.

Please be safe! God bless you all!