Heartstrings Box Set


Fragments of a Melody
College student Olivia never meant to fall in love with Mark. Then an innocent walk turns into heart pounding attraction. What happens next? Mark teaches Olivia to dream. He’ll study in Paris. He wants Olivia to come with him. But she has a secret hiding in her dresser. She has to tell Mark the truth. Someday, she will.

Prelude and Fugue
The Prelude – Olivia St. Claire wanted to be good at something. What better way than to start studying piano again? And what better teacher than former concert pianist Liam Wallace? She found him attractive, beyond attractive, but her heart was safe. He was married and he showed no interest in her. If he wouldn’t love her, she would make sure he loved the way she played.

The Fugue – But her heart couldn’t be controlled. She now had the opportunity to perform with him. And that’s when everything fell apart. When she heard the music, she couldn’t control what she might say or do. She wanted to be good at something. And when that happened, she lost more than her heart. She lost a chance to capture something that meant more to her than anything she’d ever dreamed.

Calling Me Back, Again
No one knows that concert pianist Cayden Kincaide’s musical career began in an impoverished shack in the Indiana woods. To have a career in music is beyond his wildest dream. Still there is a hole in his heart that he longs to fill. With Deneen, the teenaged beauty queen? With Rachel, the brilliant composer? With Linda, dedicated mother and teacher?

A struggle churns within Cayden. He can no longer ignore the voice in his soul that keeps calling him back to Indiana. But the person who made Indiana whole is gone. Without her, Indiana is nothing.