Never too Late for Love


She’s searching for answers. He wants to be left alone. If he joins her quest, can he risk the damage to his heart? 

When military author Delanie Jonnson loses her father in the Mid East conflict, she writes the book that will explain the withdrawal and give her peace. As she delves into her research, she discovers a military chatroom and meets Mad Dog who challenges her motive.

Zane Gallivan believes moving to a small town will give him the solitude he needs to come to terms with his war injury. What he hadn’t expected was his attractive neighbor Delanie to be concerned about his solitary life and to try to draw him out.

But it’s The Nines, the chatroom newcomer who forces Zane to think about the last battle that took the life of his best friend. As he investigates the confrontation, he learns the answer he seeks means accepting Delanie into his life. Can he risk heartbreak for an answer that will bring this fascinating woman peace?

Never Too Late for Love is the second book in the Hearts of Crystal Creek Series. If you like sweet romance and valiant heroes, you’ll love Laura Haley-McNeil’s later-in-life Christian romance.

Buy Never Too Late for Love and snuggle into this warmhearted romance today.  

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