Laura Haley-McNeil

12/20/22, The Billionaire’s Christmas Surprise is LIVE Today!

The Billionaire's Christmas Surprise

The Billionaire’s Christmas Surprise is live today! Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance! It’s a great start to the holiday season.

Divorce was Inevitable

What’s a two year marriage when it means you walk away with enough cash to give you whatever you want?

The Billionaire’s Christmas Surprise is LIVE Today!

Curious about Curious about The Billionaire’s Christmas Surprise? Scroll down and meet Emma and Carter and their very special friends.

Emma walked away from her temporary marriage a wealthy woman and a teensy problem.

Emma and Carter followed the marriage to the letter, except they made one mistake.

Meet Emma and Carter

He needs a wife to inherit his grandmother’s estate. She needs cash to save her family’s lodge. Will a fake marriage solve their problems, or will hidden emotions test their strength when it’s time to say goodbye?

Carter Haines is declared the heir to his grandmother’s estate, provided he satisfy one requirement⸺stay married for two years. He can fulfill the request if he can find a woman as anxious as he is to enter a temporary marriage.

When Emma Waite’s grandmother dies, she’s stunned to learn the family lodge is on the verge of ruin. Her disappointment increases when the bank refuses her a loan. Carter, the bank president, offers her a proposition⸺be his wife for two years, and she’ll have all the money she needs. She’s about to walk away but realizes if she refuses Carter’s offer, she’ll lose everything her grandmother worked hard to maintain.


Desperate to run the lodge and save the family name, Emma agrees to the ruse. How difficult can it be to pretend to be married? For two years, Emma and Carter live a lie. But the last night of their marriage, their plan goes terribly awry. The emotions they struggled to suppress surge to the surface and create a problem neither is prepared to face.

Can they endure the pain of walking away, or will a precious love open their minds and their hearts to the true meaning of Christmas?

If you like sweet romance with lots of heart and sizzle, you’ll love The Billionaire’s Christmas Surprise by Laura Haley-McNeil. Click the link and download your copy now.

How about a sneak peek?

Chapter One

Emma Waite Haines’ heart pounded dully when she followed her lawyer down the marble hallway to the New York City courtroom. The media crawled over each other trying to get a statement. They flashed cameras and waved microphones. Curiosity seekers jostled for positions with the press.

“Ms. Haines, did you sign a prenup?”

“How much money will you get in the divorce settlement?”

“Ms. Haines, rumor has it you’re pregnant. Can you please confirm?”

Emma dragged air into her lungs. The blood drained from her face. She would’ve ignored that question had she not committed one devastating mistake.


Pregnant? What would that mean? A custody battle? That hadn’t been part of the contract.

Silently she prayed for God to give her strength. If she had trusted in Him, she wouldn’t be here.

Her attorney, Bill Molson, took her arm, the question in his eyes asking if she were all right. She hoped she gave him a reassuring smile. Once the divorce proceedings were over, she’d be fine―at least that was what she kept telling herself.

Bill had warned her the press and curiosity seekers would want to see her, though she hadn’t expected this much publicity. She wasn’t a rock star or royalty or some rich heiress, but she may as well have been, because she was, after all, Emma Waite Haines—soon to be the ex-wife of billionaire Carter du Pont Haines IV.