Laura Haley-McNeil

2/23/21, Never Kiss Goodbye

Crystal Creek

,,Never Kiss Goodbye, Book 8 of the Crystal Creek Series, is live today. Click the link to download this sweet, romantic suspense, and start reading Josh and Lily’s story today!

Traveling to Crystal Creek

Based on the ranch where my father was raised, I love to visit the Whitlochs and learn what new and exciting romance will carry me through the year. Their lives are complicated, but romance softens even the hardest of hearts. Adventure follows the Whitlochs wherever they go.

Never Kiss Goodbye

What happens in Crystal Creek, when bronc rider Josh finds a pregnant girl in an abandoned trailer? Scroll down and satisfy your curiosity.

A cowboy haunted by his past. A woman stalked by a deadly secret.

Pregnant and on the run, Lily Harkin will do anything to protect her unborn child, but no one can know her secret – a secret so horrific it could destroy her and anyone she meets.

Bronc rider Josh Merrick can’t forget the mistake that cost a woman her life. When he finds a frightened, pregnant woman hiding in an abandoned horse trailer, he doesn’t just want to shield her. He sees this as his chance to right the wrong that haunts him day and night.

Josh can’t fight the love he feels for this sweet and gentle woman, but realizes her dark past isn’t far behind. In one terrifying moment, they face a danger that not only reveals a chilling truth, but pulls them into a battle for their lives and a fight against an enemy whose hold on them comes at a price they’d never imagined.

This Excerpt Will Pull You In

Lily Marie Harkin snapped awake. Denver’s June night heat bore down on her. She touched a trembling hand to the swell in her stomach. Fear kept her silent. Her head crunched against the bed of straw scattered over the horse trailer’s floor, and she stared into the darkness. She didn’t breathe. She didn’t move. The blood rushing past her eardrums drowned out the noise she’d just heard.



Her heart jumped wildly. Had Glenn found her? Please, no. The prayer formed silently on her lips. She’d left him two days ago. She needed more time to hide or leave the country.

She took a ragged breath and shoved her thick-rimmed glasses up her nose.

The scent of hay hung in the air. And another scent―one she was afraid to identify—but the trailer had looked clean when she’d found the door unlocked and stepped inside.

I’m so excited to share Never Kiss Goodbye with you. Click the link and start reading today!