Laura Haley-McNeil

5/12/24, Binge Read a Boxed Set

Hearts of Crystal Creek

Binge read a boxed set! Summertime means kick back, relax and pull out those books you’ve been collecting all winter. Whether you’re jetting off for that well-deserved vacation or taking a break with from the hustle and bustle, now’s the time to settle in with a cool drink and escape to imaginative world-building and larger-than-life characters.

Hearts of Crystal Creek

I love it when I have enough books in a series and can collect them into a boxed set. It’s a bargain for readers and saves you from having to hunt through your reading device to find the next book in the series. Don’t you just love that? I do.

Binge Read a Boxed Set

Crystal Creek is the old mining town that grew up along the Crystal Creek. Click the link and follow the lives and loves of the townsfolk of Crystal Creek.

Start off with Hannah and Trey.

Book 1: Another Chance at Love

She doesn’t believe in second chances. He’s wondering why God called him to Crystal Creek. Can she convince him to walk away, or will he prove his love is everlasting?

Pastor Trey Channing is lost in grief when he answers God’s call to travel to a small town. He and his teenage children struggle to let God heal the loss that led them on a cross-country journey. As Trey gets to know Crystal Creek, he’s drawn to Hannah McKean, a friendly waitress whose smile doesn’t hide the pain in her eyes.

Hannah knows God never forsook her even when she turned away from Him. In a weak moment, she committed a mistake that stole her future and made each day a struggle to provide for her and her daughter. Believing this lapse has ruined all chances for love, she’ll never get close to another man again.

When a terrible accident hospitalizes Hannah, it’s the kind pastor who stands by her side and creates a longing for more. To save herself from heartbreak, she pushes him away. What she hadn’t expected was someone more stubborn than she when it comes to answering love’s call.

Will Trey prove Hannah right and leave, or will he teach her that once she loves herself, she can open her heart to his love?