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6/16/24, She Never Stopped Loving Him

A Cowboy at Heart

She never stopped loving him.

A Cowboy at Heart is coming soon, so this is the perfect time for you to meet Asher Sterling! Preorder today so it will be waiting for you April 23rd.

A Cowboy at Heart

A Cowboy at Heart will be here April 23rd! I’m getting excited. I hope you are. To get the preorder price, click the button below so it will be waiting for you June 25th.

She Never Stopped Loving Him

As I walk through this small town of Sweet Mountain, I see so many of the characters, who have appeared in the previous book–Pastor Gerry, the McSweeney men, Jimmy at the cafe, It’s like greeting old friends. Ready to meet Levi and Rachel? They’ll start you off with the love lives of the McSweeney. They’re ready to meet you. Mark your calendars, because they’re ready to tell you everything Juen 25th!

How Can I say Thank You!

Thank you so much for supporting these books! I love writing them for you, and knowing we’ll be escaping to Crystal Creek and beyond together!

I keep you in my prayers and hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Be safe and blessed!


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