Laura Haley-McNeil

7/24/22, Christmas in July

Binge Reading

We all love Christmas sales, but Christmas in July is special because I can beat the heat without freezing to death. Ha!

Summer Reading

If you’re like me, you spend winter downloading books and wondering when you’ll have time to read them. Things tend to slow down during the summer. And soon I find myself plowing through my reading list and looking for more books to read.

Christmas in July

Stores offer Christmas in July sales, and now authors are offering the same deals. Instead of roasting in July heat, you can cool off with a sweet Christmas romance that’s guaranteed to beat these extreme temperatures.

Christmas Billionaires

I always have a blast writing my Christmas Billionaires series. First, they’re fairy tales, and though the hero isn’t a prince, he’s a billionaire, and that’s almost as good. Second, I’m writing about Christmas, and everything about the holiday makes that wonderful. I write about family and love and happily-ever-after.

Don’t worry. You’ll never run out of Christmas Billionaires to spend an evening with. I have three new Christmas Billionaires novels coming out in the fall so stay tuned. I’ve planned fun things to do when I release these romances.

How’s Your Summer?

Are you vacationing or staying around the house and completing projects? I work on my projects at the beginning of the summer. Once it looks like I’ll finish what I started, I reward myself by planning fun events.

I hope your summer is fabulous, and that you’re staying cool. Be safe and blessed!