Laura Haley-McNeil

7/3/22, Summer in Love

Beach Reads

July heats up which means we turn our thoughts toward love, so turn your thoughts toward these summer in love romances! If you need to cool down, click this link and escape into happily-ever-after with these sweet and clean romances! This group include Wherever Love Finds You.

Summer in Love

I hope you’re having an amazing summer which includes summer reading.  Can you believe how quickly summer slips by? It passes so quickly and maybe it’s because I live in a cooler climate. It’s bitter cold until the middle of June, then it’s blistering hot. By the time we hit the 4th of July, the stores are posting back to school sales. Back-to-school sales spell the death knell for the end of summer. And school starts so much earlier than when I was a child. How can anyone expect children to pay attention during these beautiful summer days?

Sweet and Clean Romances

But we still have a few more weeks of summer, and what better way to spend it than reading. Have you downloaded lots of books to your e-reader? I sure have. And once again I’ve downloaded more than I have time to read. Maybe someday when I retire I’ll have time to read these books.

New Authors

I’ve read some great books so far. I’ve discovered new authors like Nancy Naigle, Kimberly Krey and Sarah Gay. They write contemporary novels, westerns, and young adult. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon ensconced in romance.

Reliable Authors

I also like to read romantic suspense and thrillers. Terri Blackstock has been a great go to when I want to be scared out of my mind. Her If I … series keeps me coming back for more. Her style is wonderful as she weaves Christian values with suspense and romance. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the heroine to realize there are people who friend her but she can’t trust them.

What are you reading?

What are you reading this summer? Have you discovered new authors or are you finding great reads by your reliable favorites? Whatever you’re reading, please share. I’m always on the lookout for another amazing read.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and that it’s filled with God’s richest blessings!