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8/24/21, Love Calls Softly is LIVE Today!

Love Calls Softly

Love Calls Softly is live today! Click the link to download this standalone sweet romance!

What Happens in Lowrie Banks …

The nightmare that Dillon can never forget drives him from the corporate world to the laid back beach house on Lowrie Banks, but he soon discovers he’s not alone. His get-away-from-it-all escape draws him to feisty Tessa whose far too fascinating for him to ever forget. Welcome to the idyllic Outer Banks and the easy-going residents of the quaint little town that will capture your hearts and leave you rooting for more.

Love Calls Softly

Curious about Love Calls Softly? Scroll down and meet Tessa and Dillon and their very special friends

How did this corporate head honcho wind up as her bakeshop assistant?

Tessa Carlisle enjoys her new life of living in her friend’s massive beach house no one in her family uses and working at Betty’s Bakeshop in an idyllic Outer Banks community—until Dillon Lowe shows up. And what’s he doing sacking out in her bedroom and using her shower? Though Tessa’s never seen any man look this good in boxers.

When Betty needs help at the bakeshop, she makes the terrible mistake of accepting Dillon’s offer to help. This San Francisco executive has his meals catered. He’ll never find his way around the bakery.

But it isn’t just the bakeshop Tessa wants to protect. It’s her heart. Each moment she spends with Dillon knocks down another wall she’s built around her feelings. Why can’t she remember he doesn’t plan to stay?

Maybe that’s a good thing, because the only way she can quell these turbulent emotions is for him to go away.


A sweet romcom with lots of laughs and a flood of emotions. Join the fun and download your copy now!

This Excerpt from Love Calls Softly Will Pull You In

Chapter One

Tessa Carlisle hummed one of those tunes that sticks in your mind and pushed her bicycle along the Outer Banks boardwalk toward the beach house that had been her home for the past month. Towering and majestic and way too big for just her, Hawthorne House stared down at her from the grassy knoll that overlooked the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The wispy clouds floating toward the horizon gave no hint of the storm that had everyone in Lowrie Banks buzzing.

After an exhausting day at Betty’s Bakeshop, Tessa was relieved to be home. She may not even eat. She was that tired. She locked her bike to the newel at the base of the steps and climbed the stairs to the front door.

When she slipped her key into the doorknob, an odd sense made her stiffen. What seemed out of place? Not a smell. Not a sound. The house looked like it did when she left for work this morning.

Shaking her head, she unlocked the door. No one would be here. Before her friend Stella Duvall left for her African safari, she’d suggested Tessa stay at her family beach house until she could find another job. Stella had said her family hadn’t visited the place in years.

Having a beach house to herself? That sounded perfect to Tessa.

She stepped into the entryway and dropped her backpack and bike helmet on the carved bench. Her gaze dropped to the floor.

To a pair of men’s shoes.

Expensive shoes like the ones the Wall Street brokers wore.

They lay haphazardly beneath the bench.

Tessa’s heart picked up speed, and she glanced into the living room. Had one of Stella’s family members come here after all? It wouldn’t be a thief. A thief wouldn’t leave his shoes in the entryway … Tessa hoped.

She snatched up the walking stick propped near the front door. Hefting it over her shoulder, she held her breath and listened.


Had this unannounced guest left? Not without his shoes⸻unless he was walking along the beach. She tiptoed through the living room. A man’s suit jacket had been tossed over a sofa arm. She pressed her lips together. This uninvited guest had not only invaded her home⸻well, almost her home, he was slovenly to boot.

Turning down the hallway, she crept to the bedroom door and peered around the corner. The duvet she’d smoothed over the bed this morning had been tossed to the side. The pillows she’d fluffed had sunken middles. She tightened her fingers around the walking stick. This person hadn’t just invaded her home, he’d rumpled her bed. Who was this guy? Goldilocks?

The bathroom door opened. A cloud of steam floated into the bedroom. The powerful form stepping through the mist was the embodiment of masculine grace and power. His sandy hair was damp and fell over his brow. Ridged chest muscles tapered to washboard abs and disappeared into boxers hugging a narrow waist.

Shock stole Tessa’s voice. She uttered a strange sound. To worsen her humiliation, she gasped.

The man stopped. His eyes narrowed. His gaze locked onto her.

“Hello,” he said. Tilting his head, he stared at her with a bemused smile. “May I help you?”


I’m so excited to share Love Calls Softly with you. Click the link and start reading this sweet romance today!