Laura Haley-McNeil

8/13/17, Birthday Month

Hello, Everyone!

So much happens in August. School starts again so parents and students are busy rushing around to prepare for school, even those who are on their way to college. That’s even more complicated, especially for those students who will relocate to the college. And hopefully you squeezed in a vacation, even if it was just a long weekend.

For my family, it’s birthday month. One of my grandnieces turned eight and there was a party at her parents’ home. That party was for the relatives. She will also have a party with her friends. Then there was a party with just her and her family. Birthdays can last for days with so many parties to plan. Her birthday is at a good time because school starts next week so she’ll see her friends before school starts. Children’s birthdays are exciting and exhausting. The birthday girl is bubbling with excitement on her special day. Everyone comes and piles their gifts in the dining room. There are so many gifts that they bury the dining room table. Her parents serve a buffet lunch which is delicious and I always eat too much. I see relatives I haven’t seen since the last birthday which was Christmas. The gift opening is like a rain shower of colored paper and gift bags with her mother making quick notes of who gave which gift. By the time the cake is served, I’m comatose from overeating and exhausted from playing with excited children. The birthday was exciting and exhausting and now I’m exhausted! I feel I need to go back to work so I can recover.

I hope your summer is going wonderfully and that you’re making special memoires or accomplishing a lot or just relaxing. That always gets my vote.

I wish you all a fabulous week!